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2-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Top and bottom cut off certain ticket
  2. Name repeated in usual wrestling ring
  3. Take another mate behind tracks across motorway
  4. Hugging wife, survive endless embargoes
  5. Speed boats stern secured by anchor
  6. Exorbitant online chat software promotion, audible except for terminals?
  7. Speaks about as well as in Berlins quiet times?
  8. Chief who was leader of New Zealand island
  9. Small moorland plant mostly provides cover
  10. Bird song broadcast around other uphill walk
  11. Show surprise, suppressing quiet chatter
  12. An aching arises after a mere pine
  13. Second voided penalty notice
  14. What plane takes off from southern bearing?
  15. Poets handy bond providing cover for retirement
  16. Upend something wonderful in bowl over spicy seeds
  17. Peer retrospectively imprisons old slaver
  18. The ship, among others
  19. Inspiring wonder like a bird in flight
  20. Supporting speed of light aircraft protects scheme
  21. Grand for kilo in joint moneymaking scheme
  22. Specific name for papers -- defunct ones?
  23. Dogmatic person that is keeping Doug and Leo rattled
  24. Somewhat rotten, Spain standing for universal site of culture?
  25. Caught receiving left cross
  26. Singular art transporting soldiers, painter and nurse, all about short-termism?
  27. Better not talk in lesson prepared with diligence
  28. Sheep is most friendly without beginning to go into sleazy look
  29. With 50% off, Trailfindersve arranged saving on flight?
  30. Recall a home and a green southern region
  31. US authors new chapter to replace third in Snake
  32. Pitch and tosh (both times aboard ship) in Americas favourite flyer?