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4-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Interchange name in heartless dispute
  2. Swedes routine chat about interrupting drinkers
  3. Good American given CBE stepped backwards?
  4. Robust, endless source of decking wood
  5. English stopping impressionist papers about to be released
  6. Pressure to quarrel and perhaps barge to the front?
  7. British heat waves stopping match -- leave it
  8. Painter left by one stopping another thats run ahead
  9. Beggar happier right away when accepting pound
  10. Negative intelligence gathering following blunder showing pseudo-irony? Not so
  11. Alter egos seem progressively mature
  12. Military state to argue against being taken over after evacuation
  13. Where to go for a trick
  14. Manual covering opening of game and the score thereat?
  15. Time, seconds, invested in Edgar Wallace mysteries
  16. Lie by associate undermining promotion
  17. Taunt grown-up over commonest trait of feeble-mindedness
  18. Grill lawyers with question surrounding bishop
  19. Sprung control mechanisms for locks
  20. Go about in yacht, picking prime locations
  21. Ring road diverted north of European river
  22. Competently keeping up trifle collection
  23. Presentation of two thirds of Aunties goals?
  24. Belgium into popular foreign beer unable to be scrapped?
  25. New hub about to be advanced
  26. Artist once game to conquer mountains
  27. Molluscs quietly slithering around doorstep
  28. A genius being skinned by mug
  29. Mathematician missing grand Italian city
  30. UK city behind housing start for refugees
  31. Maintaining the heat, key help to intercept agents from the south
  32. Tense appeal with regards to rag causing retaliation