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5-July-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. In report, insurance company released correct text
  2. Good beer this persons spilled over old girls uniform
  3. Striking astronauts fired here
  4. Extremely uplifting wearing cap -- swimmers like them
  5. Something to eat from barbecues ending with stock jam topping
  6. Cut by point of knife, one bloodied makes wound up
  7. Social climber brings back unusual article from Spain
  8. Concentrated, as the decimal system is initially easy to follow
  9. Resentment of the more experienced English is evident in meeting
  10. Being looked up to by others
  11. One aged fifty, in taking too many pills, gets disturbed rest
  12. Aqueous kind, Ive rage to submerge
  13. Kind of parable in which tiger perhaps drives all away
  14. A gumboil requiring treatment, I must avoid pain
  15. Instructions by which privates will be constrained
  16. Governors measure applied in school?
  17. Takes care of survey -- memorys required
  18. Frost said something read
  19. Sticking together with the man breaking up company racket, shortly to retire
  20. Drought as school subject? In retrospect, aim to get dope about that
  21. Something loose on hillside attended by northern vet
  22. Criminals piercing cry when driving, banned
  23. Rough clubs like strong-flavoured alcohol
  24. Cockneys unexciting, simple ...
  25. Postholders inaccurate figures perhaps shown up by actuarys conclusion
  26. Banquets beginning with exotic taster -- butterscotch at heart
  27. Mug incorporates motto Id invented, contrarily? On the contrary
  28. Appropriateness of English verb seized upon by sacked cleaner
  29. Keep fitter? Do -- it gives poorly folk a pick-up
  30. ... pork-pie maybe gives satisfaction