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5-September-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Like chillies Dutch eat in Gouda sandwiches?
  2. Abbas debut album? Its peaked in Europe
  3. Home of baked Alaska, crumble or ganache?
  4. Throw quiet party in the end
  5. Flying Mach One over English Channel, finally seeing The Lizard
  6. Singers motor unserviceable and old
  7. Dads flipped about scrambled egg -- a difference between him and mum?
  8. Rookie spy succeeded to infiltrate Pravda outlet, perhaps
  9. City of Northern Aragóns premier artist
  10. Replay gag featuring Emma regularly
  11. British monsoon upsetting Met -- its our nerve centre!
  12. Palace insider to woo Sane to move?
  13. Bill investing time in puzzle
  14. Minute signs of growth in Gulf state -- regulator
  15. American grain store turned over Greek rock
  16. Look into head of public railway
  17. Aberdeen tour agent catching a train
  18. In favour of going back into mine to make money
  19. Wicked larcenist losing is key
  20. Hargreavess last small, advanced spinning jenny
  21. Straight away, assassin chap going after Sturgeon?
  22. Flashy Onassis is ultimately visiting Grand Hotel
  23. Security code? I hardly ever see the point of it
  24. Consume ecstasy, very hard to get hold of
  25. Roman school playing EU anthem following Abbados lead
  26. Building where mothers about to take drugs?
  27. Patsy Capes, cyclings Greatest of All Time
  28. Bravo! Joey & Chandlers first two appearances in cameo?
  29. One presenting a large bill, reducing liquid account by $100
  30. Attack wife leaving drunken revelry
  31. McCluskey reportedly ploughs legumes
  32. Affected adult lines mobile ringtone sender?