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6-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Early Pope regularly heard by favourite
  2. Sort out Shakespearean character in hollow
  3. Dope brought up evidence regarding family sources
  4. Sack is carried by daughter and another young girl
  5. Composer caught after punch-up in Italy
  6. Recalled time mostly squandered? Just a bit
  7. Be above complete fabrication
  8. Passivity in time stifling rise in sexual activity
  9. Murphy gathering one source of liquid -- or another?
  10. Gloomy poet, say, enthralled by fifth-rate celebrities?
  11. Worth setting puzzles produced under assumed name
  12. Found out about judge? Inconceivable
  13. Treatment for bats without vision, though not initially about to use eyes?
  14. Express criminal charge with documentation
  15. Stumped, perhaps, following minimal level in discharge
  16. Drink supplied after performer arrives
  17. Show host responsible for music at start and finish?
  18. Dine extravagantly, going to hot food counter in Scottish city
  19. Recent issue may present an appreciation of such songs
  20. Chorister swallowing first bit of milk shake
  21. Recalled enthusiasm about orbiter, following a rage for not getting involved
  22. Baffle Queen, participating in duty for Olympic event?
  23. Newly visible item? Thats standard with planet (Suns beginning to disappear)
  24. Long expression of surprise about source of legendary old science
  25. Fruit: a thing you have to try, returning to chase after it
  26. Vessels in unending search for harbour obstruction?
  27. Form of transport some way down the list of options?
  28. Swan to have more value than rotten tree