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8-January-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Agreed about shindigs second round: Jacks shout
  2. Maybe Illingworth put on Boycotts sunscreen?
  3. Karls route perhaps about to change, Aachen regularly avoided
  4. You score fifty times, succeeded and left
  5. Heres Austin Ten, with original seat covering
  6. Walter applies switchblade thats repeatedly gutted fish
  7. Happened to live on upland tract
  8. Sunbathe reported, revealing foreign language
  9. Fit entertainer wearing gold suit on vacation
  10. Sort of talk on characteristic of Hampstead politician
  11. Did fell runner in SW start to drop chasing European?
  12. Revolutionary artist thanks museum exhibiting cyber-image
  13. Bird hurt right wing in flight entering this ground
  14. Optician using eye-test chart gave this instruction and went up the wall?
  15. American high-flyer stimulated both ears with Tamla hit, endlessly
  16. Occupying, say, junk yard with Yankee knocked out by a stink
  17. Active hospital joiner available
  18. Leader quits authority after teacher promoted -- its ludicrous
  19. Inside pottery, Len employed cloth
  20. Wet course at La Manga where old spoon used?
  21. Held posture, square bashing around Lincoln
  22. Tennis star rubbing shoulders with learners? Absolutely
  23. Fitting more singers around church
  24. Spray, where two rivers meet, is an aesthetic thing (5,13)
  25. Film loch, light-brown colour
  26. Small judge who features in agricultural show?
  27. Clash of cat and dog outside related to squall?
  28. Pest in this state who once roamed over half of garden yard
  29. Basin where group of local schoolchildren dwell
  30. Oliver Twists first disturbing term as workhouse cleaner?