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9-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Grating good cheese from France (not Belgium), around two pounds
  2. Start to suffer in the chest when dropping round, appearing ghostly
  3. Don and Charlie redirected Aussie runner
  4. Snack before tea, reportedly taking the third out of eagerness
  5. Buffoon that I jeered somewhat when retreating
  6. Ridicule her rear wheels
  7. Academic libertine touring Quebec in flamboyant style
  8. Nice street contains gym, the bit Sunil mainly uses?
  9. Near the main street, Americans put in fuel
  10. Yes-mans language quiet
  11. Maybe dogs cross -- repelled postman often seen here
  12. Titled brat Theo, having rampaged, summoned into court
  13. Makes redundant from brick-building firm outside Teesside, in post
  14. Tax excessively? Thats right for a supremo
  15. Hard wood, a rumoured item on Asian takeaway menu?
  16. Sun erred unfortunately -- editors last to resign
  17. Former US musician Tom joins artist, old member of The Police
  18. Soldier, and little woman with reserve, celebrate
  19. Carling, say, in a small group showing muscles
  20. Scottish town admits Conservative extremists in the place
  21. Authors character I want to be cast
  22. Releases placed on Spotify primarily at no cost
  23. A T. Rex perhaps touching small leaves
  24. Needle and threads
  25. Model regularly fiddles with nails, losing odd bits
  26. Typical behaviour of boxer, for instance to cough up over by ring
  27. Male, one thats dropped off vehicle
  28. They test beer with disguises, one conceded
  29. Long shift female ignored, working in a rut
  30. Swimmers Afro half-cut roughly