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9-June-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Who would judge German city by a river?
  2. Flight where A-lister, say, carries one bit of luggage
  3. Some fear a chesty cause of discomfort
  4. Drop in a right price to settle dispute
  5. Shady district sparkled within
  6. Country force abandoning upset Afghan
  7. Puzzled? Ponder in the course of plot
  8. Calm reported after gin in swinger's bar?
  9. Otherwise fair introducing note in Latin below
  10. Boater say by church finds shade
  11. Mike with demands for those essential to cover up?
  12. Astonishing time to get in gregarious mimic
  13. Italian e.g. seen wandering about holding zip
  14. A critical point as tuition developed
  15. Illustrate moving epic tale about cross
  16. Who's busy undertaking monarch's guard?
  17. Got a duck and wept outside old guesthouse?
  18. This local revitalised stuff used in yards?
  19. Eminent composer accepting large maiden causes big confusion
  20. Short High Street with closure pulled off
  21. Cover up Ms Peel's fix
  22. Remaining endlessly cheeky about chap even on vacation
  23. Cinders beginning to trust in ugly sister's highlighter?
  24. Pope amongst others is hiding what Swiss lays out
  25. Butler's real name? In Spain the reserve gets overturned
  26. No-frills degree, yes just like this
  27. At risk in Limbo possibly collecting poor
  28. Kid is initially bitten by reptile, commonly a fierce fighter
  29. Assumption arising from American chopper on Isle of Man
  30. In absentia wife dashes off for Bacchic orgies, perhaps
  31. Wrap tool quietly at first
  32. I serve one pleading at the bar audibly and otherwise stressed