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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-April-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-April-2019
  1. Noisy bird —type of spaniel also, some say
  2. Assist with a B movie?
  3. Lie about Republican disharmony
  4. Smile broadly, having right to dip into drink
  5. Heartless mob in EU's to board vehicle
  6. Shrub recollected in Gray's Inn mostly
  7. Second go required to orbit a planet
  8. Steal from school, carrying can back
  9. Act like a shopaholic, so to speak — eventually
  10. Country featuring in main diagram
  11. Exchange prisoners from the east
  12. Workers securing sick leave at last in WI islands
  13. Unfeeling Greek character, one with medical qualification
  14. Meanly swindle leaders of Ireland's loyal youths
  15. Reportedly people unpopular in theatre boxes?
  16. Caught arm, perhaps, in mountaineering activity
  17. Travelling most of Saturday to a Continental motorway
  18. Player primarily on bench, or in second team?
  19. Titled man's circle in London borough
  20. Knight wearing Roman garment in the Friendly Islands
  21. Change criminal into saint? About right
  22. Players entertaining Aussie native in café
  23. Tries always to identify gossip
  24. Extremely clumsy snare trapping tail of young bird
  25. Pudding bowl, as found in rubbish receptacle
  26. Once a capital food shop, we hear
  27. A vision of loveliness as I moved to end of quay
  28. Architect initially welcomes housing staff's contracts
  29. Bowdlerise 'pure' novel, wherein kiss has suggestion of scandal?
  30. Swapping hands, put down part of spur
  31. Met secretly to destroy jockeys, with all love lost
  32. Contributor to soap showing everyone in drag
  33. Condensed, as a walk in the park should be?
  34. Reverend sat uneasily after fellow's precise testimony
  35. Knight's advance across wide area
  36. Current Lothario back on song
  37. Poet's material going west
  38. Minstrel with a pipe returned at end of dance
  39. Always keeping dry, he looked over, poised for action
  40. One particular man's on time
  41. Charming chum treated roughly
  42. Specialised troops practise counterattack?
  43. Golf organised, diversion avoiding key educational trip
  44. Up before court
  45. Sour red fruit, not quite ripe but golden inside
  46. Statesman's amended style of delivery
  47. Periodic losses suffered by skilled young swimmers
  48. Revolutionary Indian instrument good for nothing
  49. Dessert's without charge, then?
  50. Wordsmith shot, craftsman runs away
  51. Cook talented with cephalopods, primarily like squid
  52. Piggy grabbing wine and hot snack
  53. Seasonal meat cut with force at sea?
  54. Magnanimous knight served up joint, with wife away
  55. Doctor's check after fish has been brought up
  56. Unknown insurgent worried Spartan character
  57. Helps gullible people, you say?
  58. Photo on Net? Impressive!
  59. Abandon holiday
  60. Quiet girl on Irish river
  61. Rock hero given to playing well
  62. Criminal dealer meets Resistance fighter
  63. Clergyman's previous life with ordinary soldiers
  64. It's small, wobbly — I'll nail it up
  65. Envy, no end, returning Pole's wrap
  66. From Treviso, a very Italian wine
  67. Had impact at first that one loved dearly
  68. Ten years associated with heartless nest, corrupt
  69. Only one flatfish
  70. Such inspiring call from family about Brazilian port
  71. Learner in their hovel, dilapidated, past best
  72. In thesaurus setter finding name of apple
  73. Criticise extremely taboo stage show
  74. Charlie near bar, rebuilt, in capital city
  75. A cadet's air I blasted sailing here?
  76. Rich, a female speaking foreign language well
  77. One complaining in distinctive voice seeing capacity of ship
  78. Addition not meant, we hear, to be flexible
  79. The French versus the Spanish, with neither side leading?
  80. Right to interrupt indulged person, impudent
  81. Upon which, catch cold
  82. Name game
  83. Secure cages in, for each person controlling hounds
  84. Header missed in tight draw
  85. First of pints gone in seconds, one can't bend the elbow!
  86. Whistler painting attributed to Turner at first — that's a bloomer
  87. Bones in line, like back
  88. Moreover, nation developed at a slowish pace
  89. Put a lot in a tin for pets
  90. Infants pictured playing with umpteen toys, though irascible initially
  91. Where brothers are taken care of?
  92. A revolution on the horizon
  93. Card cheat of old
  94. Grease smeared on brown trousers
  95. King wrapped up in short skirt
  96. She perhaps is in shorter novel about the origins of diverse peoples
  97. Broadcast, like that on the radio?
  98. One in England missing out on defence
  99. Flies partied, buzzing around
  100. Anticipate growth of planes etc, the entire fleet?

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