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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-October-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
  1. Slave girl's excellent hairstyle
  2. & 10 Sky watcher intercepts gale force winds [two-word answer]
  3. See 3
  4. Port — at first just a wine
  5. Retailer serving niche market?
  6. Edge of stockbroker belt
  7. Fruit for jam
  8. Mark Arctic rocks with single cross
  9. Fair Democrat a US city rejected
  10. Wife becoming craftsperson
  11. Article by 1,000 US opponents
  12. Rock thrown over tram line
  13. Weapon armistice announced
  14. & 27 Cannot give decisions suffering this? [two-word answer]
  15. See 27
  16. Run around to find better writing?
  17. A charge, say, or several
  18. Shakes out of the bottle
  19. Number one fan
  20. Rioter oddly cold inhaling hot, hot air
  21. Across river, better fish
  22. Having no sinister thoughts?
  23. Shifting equipment, things will get hit
  24. Slander, as somebody describing one
  25. Retreating army to help farmhand
  26. Type of orange drink, oddly nice, that cuts through
  27. Writer's block
  28. In plague, wrong to hold hands
  29. Like Hamlet cigar, ultimately burnt up
  30. In France, the humorous monarch's old love
  31. About an hour changing motorway
  32. Author on the right put off about vote
  33. Order to purchase gemstone reportedly for cyborg technology
  34. Fiery and extreme English politician in present day
  35. Alas, your pic is spoiled as gannets take food
  36. Europe's capital resides in wealthy German state
  37. Poisonous mushroom mother's fed to girl
  38. Ireland in round are initially one up on points?
  39. Rupees southern India discovered in drug island
  40. Perhaps Oscar is number two
  41. Not let Anne Dutten out
  42. Give Spanish noblewoman note
  43. Once more throwing away a win
  44. Putting longer, I developed a brassy technique
  45. Ale month shifted alcohol
  46. Soldiers protecting heads of Asian trade mission
  47. Headless rat in eggs and cheese pastries? Take any remedy
  48. Pint puller needs no help to get froth on liquor
  49. Note hint about card game
  50. 3-D art of changing hands in clock-making
  51. US determination to change inadequate rating
  52. Vet meeting requirements given time
  53. Vandyke perhaps knowing about English illustrator
  54. Mixture of aluminium in molten rock on the turn
  55. Country concerned with peace after Conservative loss
  56. Diplomat needs suit as cover for briefs
  57. Evil American is into careless faker of images
  58. Sleeping — something not to do around Sandhurst
  59. Dangerous element runs for street in sports venue
  60. Hardly daunting storing film material
  61. Steam haricots with some tongue inside
  62. All playing on grass put up with half time ice cream
  63. Writer's from German right, one limited by injunction?
  64. US comedian's internal struggle to be eternally optimistic?
  65. Ghostly tingling follows tree emitting echo
  66. Orientating car badly in unfamiliar area
  67. Politician managed to take in English people
  68. Rural bus curtailed — a severe pain
  69. Old unit containing unknown toxic gas
  70. Where train stops around one with good reason to get going
  71. Heavens! NHS bed places going up?
  72. Killer beheaded Spanish poet
  73. Queen's put up in Italian city
  74. Picture reason for dropping coffee?
  75. Indescribable hunt hold topless meet
  76. The food of love, perhaps with chips?
  77. Treats cloth on side with a napper as quickly as possible
  78. Flamboyant wood used in old carriage
  79. The French on watch, perhaps for English martyr
  80. Disconcerted wife in large crowd losing key
  81. Piano virtuoso, expert at moving pieces
  82. Amentia treated with hemp drug
  83. Novel sin — just
  84. Stock film boxers perhaps avoided?
  85. Store directors chasing award
  86. Unfortunately, it is a rum dessert
  87. Note way to remove fumes making acetone?
  88. Grass's book
  89. Russian's home in Moscow, yes, before tea
  90. Day record set up for top prize
  91. Debussy's piece is less convincing
  92. Angels, heading off to restrict devil, providing introductory thoughts?
  93. Plant provided by gardening girl to cover ridged structure
  94. Live broadcast's core element fine
  95. Just a house — use as place of retreat
  96. Half-hearted saint with inadequate bunch of fighters
  97. Dumped old females given confidential advice?
  98. Room for improvement?
  99. Cold, something inclined to give one pain
  100. Some maybe in seats support opponents at match

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