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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-January-2021
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-January-2021
  1. Like some 19th-century novels, a kind since abandoned
  2. Profile of Conservative leader travelling from place to place
  3. Be concerned about daughter in service unit
  4. Lecherous look making us stagger backwards
  5. An account giving rise to extreme distaste
  6. Duke introducing American composer, a rich man
  7. Head of class unwell, nursing start of horrible cold
  8. Hunt a boa slithering around German motorway
  9. Move domestic animals from the east?
  10. Internet pest missing start of leisurely walk
  11. Go berserk — hit boy attendant
  12. Graciously departs in old cab by Cambs cathedral
  13. Like a nobleman's double, taking in Commons at first
  14. Safekeeping of satin cover on ground
  15. Winged statue thus about to be erected?
  16. Tried hard to get supper finally in oven
  17. Correctness of notes on church office
  18. Manage publicity initially required in small country?
  19. Report of senior officer — a bit of a nut!
  20. Spanish queen, the first murder victim in one's city?
  21. Shortage of food ultimately overwhelming planet
  22. Divided paintings briefly kept in outhouse
  23. Shame about conclusion of padre's godliness
  24. Pulpit used by Uppingham boys
  25. Experienced unease as one dismantled fences
  26. Wellington is smooth, fitting round front of knee
  27. Maybe grave misfortune, suffering loss of identity
  28. Agree to keep old tank mainly for one of our relatives
  29. Buzzer loud, leading to complaint
  30. Image-obsessed female maybe changing a lot into one frock
  31. Flavouring from wine drink put back into pop
  32. Competency rating, one linked with written material, variable
  33. Body parts, large and small, found in canal
  34. Oddly appearing if nobody has returned for the kids, funnily
  35. Team's salvation left up in the air
  36. Put out note, second-hand
  37. Sounding extremely ecstatic when given appropriate stuff
  38. New onboard motor's last thing you should hit!
  39. Film Charlie climbing ridge with others
  40. One all in purple initially summoned church guards
  41. Hardly fair upsetting a large number, by Jiminy!
  42. Appreciate one fight that you'd see on TV?
  43. Great display that sees champ finally clean up
  44. Cross when entertaining character at the end repeated gag
  45. Old revolutionary's name put up by king before once
  46. A commercial, alternatively, featuring male singer in rep
  47. Support resistance with collaborator and some ammunition
  48. Men of low rank rate mixing with VIPs
  49. Farewell party visited by Pope, also earlier
  50. Maybe not exactly deprive of the lead
  51. Yacht: it moves after stopping a minute
  52. Change your voting system after revolution
  53. French produce representative in Tom, perhaps
  54. Wine studied, we hear?
  55. Popular team getting runs, one with special advantage
  56. Wake in river behind stern of steamer
  57. Tough cut of meat — that's by the way
  58. County where people sleep
  59. Article I encountered on the way back
  60. Rudeness: unfortunate recipient, men!
  61. Rough-sounding canine
  62. Nothing in new design of nicest part
  63. Pastry spoiled, odd bits removed
  64. Complete one sort of clue correctly
  65. Bit of money I invested in fiddle
  66. Rub mother's herb
  67. Dirt making uniforms dirty, primarily
  68. Piece of primitive art, hysterically coarse
  69. Quite sour nuts, greenish-blue
  70. Of course, all holes circular
  71. Tedious last part filling empty day
  72. Wrecked, replacement of odd tyres saving vehicle, finally
  73. Remarkably ethnic, good work of art
  74. Cool dance music genre
  75. Puzzle: was soldier Jack set up?
  76. Gum spread round bottom of canvas
  77. Insect featuring in design, a termite
  78. Motor competition not entirely uplifting
  79. American hare finally caught by sailor and religious leader
  80. Vitality unknown in Grantchester at first
  81. Ruler way back, initially named in song
  82. Part of horse's behind associated with power
  83. Like trade involving churchgoer in shabby headgear
  84. Mostly tense character in Euripides, say?
  85. Move fast, wanting second hot dish
  86. Fellow politician in US city first to gripe
  87. High official's valet endlessly taking risks
  88. Agreement thus broken ultimately by academic institution
  89. Old unit of measurement some levellers used
  90. Popular Welsh girl entertaining accomplished islander
  91. Decay reported beneath the Pantheon, for example
  92. Ideal cover secured by upper-class Scotsman
  93. Firm originally cultivating a South American shrub
  94. Remove freedom, as it were, to take counsel
  95. Early settler's source of fibre?
  96. Cat taking water in French country house
  97. Control plant, securing rebirth
  98. Red wine? Sounds like something a pugnacious type may pick
  99. Lock up young man supporting African warriors without resistance
  100. Sloth I train somehow round back of menagerie

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