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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-February-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
  1. Chemist quick to bandage injury
  2. One third of twelve still an odd number
  3. Town' planes try to bomb
  4. See how business starts to yield high return
  5. Alcoholic spirit?
  6. Sweep area, say, as for cigars
  7. Liking one, and possibly not
  8. Hands clapped themselves?
  9. In French, France, for example
  10. Equine business, large one, super-secure
  11. Very good English dish
  12. Corn and peanuts
  13. Mock workers at Zurich houses
  14. Expedition finding that thing in green
  15. A young creature growing up?
  16. It's a pity lines are asymmetrical
  17. Fly low across southern desert
  18. Essays about to turn up in university office
  19. Floor plan
  20. Bad seat among house's contents
  21. No screwed up sign for ladies?
  22. Weightlifter's bar with handle
  23. Dance back to front? Take off clothes in the end
  24. Steve Irwin staggered audiences
  25. Plenty of blubber to cut at one time
  26. Playwright from Britain, the real thing
  27. Truck is holding me up
  28. Golf director always welcome in Australia
  29. Unforeseen problem mostly became wearisome, with outgoing leader booed
  30. Result of pig-shooting finally reported in online forum
  31. Put out something evasive about Times page
  32. Cavalry not deployed to arrest one visionary
  33. Loves to embrace a measure of hardness?
  34. Baggage French friend brought back includes section of building
  35. Jaunty clarinet air affecting many people
  36. Image formed by etching? Left no copper in it
  37. Works function edgy? Not very
  38. Puzzles returned unchanged, including snare
  39. Play having significant dealings with love?
  40. Beer jugs all round at the outset
  41. Some latitude is right in subject-matter
  42. Kidnap son, of course
  43. Appreciate sources of Roman activities in Roman God's festival
  44. Northern town, before change, displaying earlier time
  45. Take stock of troops taking battle west
  46. Talk at length about source of recent growth
  47. Papers supplied by a musical princess
  48. Thinking to crush observatory equipment
  49. Salesman in European capital recalled title
  50. Copying, one's satisfied, picked up by microphone
  51. Tests, though without opening, locks
  52. The Spanish soccer team, working to block easy victory, lacking ultimate in discipline
  53. One million taking security measure, avoiding uranium blast?
  54. "Far in” translated as "further on” in Latin
  55. Ergonomic reforms roused certain wage earners
  56. Beat bowler initially after return from fielder has missed wicket
  57. No right place to assemble Queen and fashionable set in Yorkshire town
  58. Five getting stuck into easy job? It has its ups and downs
  59. How much you believe you can spend?
  60. Feature of bowling takes prize money, with a twist
  61. Felt bad, being unsuccessful in ousting leader
  62. Old dance is crazy subject for discussion
  63. Newspaper, note, blocking detective in police operation
  64. Unearthing bra, slashed? That's for me!
  65. Caledonia in a storm? It's not precisely warm
  66. Demand and get lavatory emptied on the spot
  67. Negotiator, during legal sessions, beginning to edit record
  68. Providing cover for group nearing retirement?
  69. Some sibilance picked up in 'suspect's story
  70. They reveal daughter is accepting second way to resolve trauma?
  71. Church having disturbance involving a former military vehicle
  72. Household official overturned difficulty or changed mood
  73. Sanctioned interrupting winner? It makes for an unpleasant atmosphere
  74. Sign of imminent death? Refuses to allow reduction in care
  75. Satisfied with upset, blight or storm
  76. Be free, if barely?
  77. I'm no longer popular — there's no getting around it
  78. Dead, and unexpectedly in afterlife? There's a measure of variation
  79. Victorian novel, mostly simple, covered by two N Europeans, one heard
  80. Source of this sound giving people away
  81. Company engaging large actor needing a fix for costume
  82. Artist at church, welcoming soldiers and school test creator
  83. US magazine was illuminating about one month deadline
  84. Length in major road race is something amazing
  85. Mostly shy and maybe saying prayers in abundance
  86. One making solution perhaps for troublemaker
  87. Curtailment of second drink upset prisoner
  88. High level of trainee fliers taking it up
  89. Aroused couple at the table cutting bread that's sweet
  90. Start passing over new bundle
  91. Parent despondent about the flag
  92. Conductor in Beethoven's Ninth ready for the French horn, finally
  93. Hurdling Wincanton's first, horse felt uneasy
  94. Second spine-tingling tale for German writer
  95. Inside job for this union man?
  96. Exotic male imbued with sex appeal, very attractive butler, say?
  97. As some dogs end up so feral, kennelling good
  98. Piece again introducing dance
  99. One with a burden, drink
  100. Nation borders on Djibouti, river vessel endlessly crossing them

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