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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 10-April-2021
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
  1. Opening stairs for approach to higher regions?
  2. Proof bar has brought in learner, one that's overworked
  3. Distribute vote to oust leader
  4. Appear in front and pressure soldiers to surrender
  5. Scented substance good in Morning Fruit (not ultimate in perfume)
  6. Knight, beset by flies in sun resolved to take armour off
  7. Radical not right about husband? It's misleading information
  8. Fibres a touch hard in place for horses
  9. Pasta dish, note, involved in US city story
  10. Beer conceals when one's missing exams
  11. Regret backing drug element
  12. Watch, taking in the fielder beginning to play game
  13. Newspaper etc omitting indefinite number in statistical quantity
  14. Magician? Not the real article
  15. That chap, not very serious in promotions, beams
  16. Flower child about to snooze, faced with boring event
  17. Female underwear in small? That shows intelligence
  18. Bill loves what's prohibited
  19. Scientist with a small prize, thus first
  20. Warrior pre-empts responding when securing upland
  21. Composer dismissing a writer from Italy and a painter from further East
  22. Rest admit following Schubert song?
  23. Seaweed to move round avoiding old holiday region
  24. Parliamentarian say is restricted by claptrap everyone recalled
  25. Embarrassingly rude about line after deliveries disallowed
  26. Chords? Urge to follow piano in endless song
  27. No odd elements in party invite? Go
  28. Foreign letter about popular zoo animal
  29. Unethical behaviour: shaky camera clip capturing it at last
  30. Romantic atmosphere may be charming around lake
  31. Ends in the Government blocking law award?
  32. Indication we'll have to act when boarding coach after everyone
  33. Penetrate the heart of America, not the top
  34. Irish figures reel as punch is thrown
  35. Old King freely exhibiting unctuousness?
  36. Author remains confused, having missed a statement from Pope
  37. Guzzler decided to avoid opening variable bottle
  38. Permission to take off
  39. Nasty beard smears will make you self-conscious
  40. African ecosystem re-created as green site
  41. Enjoying the atmosphere? That's risky in part of London
  42. What makes bone bony? Simple
  43. Choose not to stop dance held by the wealthy below tower
  44. European journalists tucking into very good coffee
  45. Acclaim of the French: a record by old man climbing
  46. Sporting new hat, allowed in college at the outset
  47. Caught taking turn on large fairground attraction
  48. Arab capital leading to upturn in the French grape variety
  49. Suggesting shifting hotel? It's a popular idea
  50. Mostly boring of philosopher to receive tons of privileged people
  51. One will turn on radio chap is altering
  52. A Catholic when uplifted will get crazy about religious rite
  53. Stress a lot of US cash is involved in move
  54. Too keen with regard to monarch? About time!
  55. What may be ending in drop to seabed after accident?
  56. A Parisian officer leading Frenchmen forward and out of the way
  57. Girl, going to capital of India, finding a drink there
  58. Artist breaking 60% of laws of the country
  59. Prize money initially given to friend...
  60. ...after old gem
  61. Depressingly little is invested in home improvements
  62. Grave sin — eliminating men in hostile circumstances
  63. Film psychiatrist with bad reputation in the US
  64. Mollusc shedding small horny covering
  65. How Enright is made to do things differently?
  66. Golf permits in place for dispatch
  67. Judge a very good Köchel number for composer
  68. Argument backing form of vessel for religious devotion
  69. Support a right to begin afresh
  70. Dilapidated tailor-made tent is thrown out
  71. Flow revealed by Daniel Bernouilli
  72. Cut around road blockage finally in Havering
  73. Cut juice to noisily swallow new socially-acceptable round
  74. Universal depression in untidy house of undergrads?
  75. Cleaner is Henry dressed in women's clothing
  76. Potential killer of fish in strait and river
  77. Girl brought up too much dye
  78. Unruly as well as disregarding authority's lead?
  79. A construction of Naples paddler regularly visited?
  80. Capital fellow on the Spanish Main?
  81. Sad about European city on the Adriatic
  82. Complaining about front pair of teeth getting dental treatment
  83. Merger company landed with current working
  84. Flier uncovered book of navigational routes
  85. A certain something penned by excellent poet
  86. Feel bewildered over English court put in power again
  87. What may be puffin, braised in a stew
  88. Note girl's agreement to stay
  89. Film's starting point abroad
  90. Parts reportedly for luxury car
  91. Entrance made by different singers
  92. Defiant words, likewise, at that place
  93. Redesigned seat fitted with wide strap
  94. Pound split by Italian page for fussy fault-finder
  95. Box containing eastern throwing weapon
  96. Very behindhand after electric current cut off
  97. Rejected set of clothes Oscar collected
  98. Very warm, the Spanish inn
  99. Operetta article somehow worried my wife
  100. Flog junk round hotel

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