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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-September-2021
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-September-2021
  1. Cut ankle finally bound
  2. Screen capturing India coach's time-wasting tactic
  3. Delta stops fish reaching a lake
  4. The German artist's consumer's guide
  5. What you may need to print or redo, retracting blunders
  6. One imagined being unoriginal, taking year off after college
  7. Supporter in a cap
  8. Gambling on promotion
  9. Fine clock broken by American old woman
  10. Chap almost venturing to nick neckwear
  11. Gums filled with bad things to suck
  12. Ancient craft spoken of in esoteric terms
  13. One irritated by study and run down
  14. Credit notes dismissed by academic's boss
  15. Gentle soul's first to cry over what may go on after dark?
  16. Murderer chewing over a charge, turning delusional
  17. Self-absorbed daughter not prepared to enter pub
  18. A deceit disguised something chilling
  19. Like a line of spilt Indian emulsion
  20. Skinny guy's foremost obsession
  21. Step of ladder, right in the centre
  22. Look, Tom's admitted to cheating, OK?
  23. Attempted to gobble pie up outside United's ground
  24. Class-A drug taken up to escape
  25. Troop member that's into acting, or ill-advised
  26. Penalty leads to striker showing extra skill
  27. Burning desire of a man to drop gym classes
  28. Starter of stuffed sweet potato
  29. Teacher caught in riot turns nasty
  30. Amicable police officers sat by spring
  31. Accumulate too much weaponry, finding way to make deliveries
  32. About to mature, having lost weight, line up differently
  33. Agonise about Romanian currency used for floral ornament
  34. Tailless red fish
  35. Man on board starts to browse in store
  36. An indicator of what the office boss might do?
  37. Rehearse one's sermon — and take heed of it!
  38. Bovine cross in short story seized by the Censor
  39. Ravel's slant on otolaryngology?
  40. Leading church's pompous formality
  41. Swimmer, impudent and loud, rather, outside class
  42. Like some leaves aimed across pitch
  43. Soft wool primarily crowning tree by lake
  44. Definitive quests originally explained in Latin translation
  45. One harbouring strong desire, do we hear, for reflected light?
  46. Old politician turning out trite operatic texts
  47. Attempt one's made at first to embrace old political doctrine
  48. Stories involving MI in the dark periods?
  49. Characteristic of one's belongings
  50. Poetic work principally sought electronically?
  51. Objection by English in part of Scotland
  52. Parts of intestines a couple study first of all
  53. High-flyer from Kentucky by lake in Channel Island
  54. Sound attempt by military engineers to create ancient warship
  55. Trader in Caerphilly whose wares may be displayed on board
  56. Person serving drinks in south-west Asian country
  57. One thus merged with Capricorn, perhaps, having the same properties
  58. Way top journalist goes round a fortress, displaying constancy
  59. Bring up? It may be brought up by stragglers
  60. Doorman's company getting Hebridean beauty in trouble
  61. Blade decapitating male porker, perhaps
  62. Finally stage play about small island
  63. Idly sloped off with a crooked gait?
  64. Foot soldiers' attempt to support trendy follower
  65. Ancient flying reptile portly cadet re-created
  66. The wounded can be carried on one? That's a lie
  67. Fruit taken in field at Edinburgh
  68. Aubergine, say, at entrance to glue factory
  69. Peddle fish, so to speak, being keen-sighted
  70. Hot pies served up in Scottish mountain valley
  71. Departing lad's suspect behaviour
  72. Liliaceous plant Derek located south of snake house
  73. Tackle problem boldly — and get stung?
  74. Amenity sport administrators regularly claim in metropolis
  75. Salt only initially delivered in tube
  76. Umber suits him, surprisingly , in this exhibition building
  77. Small bloke — large bottle!
  78. Noblewoman's first day of month on eastern ship
  79. Scandinavian police department chap set up
  80. Born craftsman receives trivial sum, supporting two sides
  81. Eg Lincoln's place, where top cheese is distributed
  82. African's sleeveless garment shortened by Welsh girl
  83. Minute new maid seen to behave badly
  84. Half-hearted biblical physician married after conflict
  85. Like some poems one delivered, inspiring Chinese leaders
  86. Farmer finally invested in extra accommodation for cattle
  87. Struggle with general survey
  88. Parrot identified by poet, not Eliot initially
  89. Perhaps who's cured individuals' breaks?
  90. One's composed poetic address to Manx cat?
  91. Way to make shape, perhaps, getting tips
  92. One poet or another keeping quiet
  93. Bill's introduction, stepping on more than one tree
  94. Rustic building's other half has right chopping block
  95. Lawyer's right to welcome one extended rest
  96. Sailor also called for port
  97. Shoo the cat away — no small trouble for canine?
  98. With ire, guy is interrupting leader's unionist idea
  99. Outstanding verse in recital
  100. Where to find train lines carrying eastern rulers, say

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