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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-June-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-June-2019
  1. Old actress predicted modern movie formats
  2. One opening in long black robe
  3. From its reading, novel completely changed
  4. Sporty husband into tactile dancing
  5. Chief's friend grabbing skirt
  6. Lack of infrared type of film
  7. Reagan's proposal to make love not war?
  8. Fellowship found in unexciting marches
  9. Light brown part of pie crust
  10. Small village managed 50 per cent of chores
  11. Puzzling item opened by bank
  12. Underwear for mum?
  13. Complex parts with radius taken in
  14. Rebel soldier in group is heading for trouble
  15. Stay inside weaving rather more material
  16. Fiddle one considers not hard
  17. Miss one's opening of French wine
  18. Very mature rising star
  19. Bones touch and move the wrong way
  20. Saw a cross on an island
  21. That imparted by a figure of speech?
  22. Artist realises old river branch is crossing
  23. Old criminal, still running?
  24. Wound in chest is something irritating
  25. My opinion is old-fashioned
  26. Ring, perhaps one created by Tolkien
  27. Called me in and exploded
  28. I'm initially placed under wide doormat
  29. Fail to reawaken love
  30. Paper first soaked in petrol for American mechanics
  31. Hard to charge VAT and give credit
  32. Obscure article by foolish judge
  33. Cooler, almost frozen, in accordance with regulation
  34. Specially conceived arrival times on international train and airline
  35. An acknowledgement old car is showing age
  36. Port placed by bread for knocking back
  37. Harmless and in NI wise to vote Conservative
  38. Reckons detective sergeant in court is after promotion
  39. Crosses from island — vintage craft initially makes fast crossing
  40. Cheat: They don't, or I'd explode!
  41. Film balloonist: we understand what makes that difficult?
  42. Leave person with king, one nipping outside
  43. What's needed for radio broadcasts to flourish: musicians
  44. Note carefully studied after taking in an Indian menu item
  45. Rather stiff after exercising, sip these
  46. Fine as wine from cask tastes, with flipping body!
  47. Occasionally hiding ring in each cushion
  48. Scrap request from airy London criminal
  49. Not flat when bound
  50. Flies heavenward, as owls do with puss moving about
  51. Far from fresh aniseed drink: time for a second?
  52. Garden pest munched all around reserve valve in channel
  53. The press the object of such false adulation?
  54. Local taxi company in time
  55. Six pitied for forging uncorroborated statement
  56. Palm lacerated after spinning bottles
  57. Fur-coated drag specialist, say, about to pass quickly through Oscar party
  58. Newspaper returned private style guide for players
  59. Senseless, not moving pet trembling in coat
  60. Imaginary body of peacekeepers pursuing method
  61. Maybe go for a constitutional approach with article and broadcast
  62. Close bank up in the city
  63. As dictionary perhaps facilitating digital access?
  64. Drinking in admission of corruption, right away
  65. Ugly dame wanting tips to become alluring
  66. Briefing, ultimately lengthier, could give us something to go on
  67. Minister having somewhere to play rock
  68. One for the p(l)ot?
  69. Mount rising in Aleutian island
  70. Time for a speech, pithy, in separate ways, and light
  71. Motored east, after calibrating this?
  72. One taking flight from Scottish island runs across sailor
  73. Long-distance runner, first in race, over the moon with congratulations
  74. Not "nice”, cutting head off strong-smelling fish
  75. Part of prison project following suggestion one's abandoned
  76. Exit this awfully low place?
  77. Fan's weakening, when involved in hard work!
  78. Diagram by fellow's firstly plotting treatment that's shocking and unusual
  79. Evidence given here: intelligence heads having fight to stop it
  80. Discouraging start, playing golf
  81. Journalist battles female associated with hunt for period items
  82. Scot's wild, maybe, cornering cardinal in cathedral
  83. Brother, not silent presumably, sounding abrasive
  84. French writer, still with regiment, put on a uniform
  85. Was fitting answer being given to pig?
  86. Scruffy kid chasing game
  87. Asian unknown to live in this country
  88. Here's a secret spy's oddly concealed, by the way
  89. Embarrassed about lines being revoked
  90. Isn't without sensitivity, initially, one partner being this?
  91. Boundary stone, yellow lump of rock
  92. Ring maybe to confirm this appointment
  93. Stuff written on back of book, mostly obscure
  94. Something toxic in bottle given to spy
  95. Mention train
  96. List former police force sent around seen in Guardian
  97. Officers looking after sections of prison? Idiots!
  98. Heartless German philosopher viewed as despicable person
  99. The police needing to travel by air ultimately? Here's the answer
  100. Spoil the atmosphere, backing one up to no good

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