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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-May-2022
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-May-2022
  1. Fish pie and odd bits from chef — something extra for the man?
  2. Observe daughter or other offspring
  3. Where are the billboards? Zero adverts seen during journey
  4. Sensible attitude excluding America?
  5. Welsh party MP daily excited about start of Cardiff rugby
  6. Money we kept back to get nut
  7. Tolerate final treatment after head's cut
  8. Something that's served up route taken at sea?
  9. Starts to take hold after winter? This may
  10. Nag, distressed, in perturbed condition, to stop moving
  11. Radio's correct form of liturgy
  12. Try and try to produce supportive comment
  13. Concerns excluding first of electric vehicles
  14. Haul part of hospital up
  15. In this state one won't have got ready
  16. Scoundrel to stop supply of tea
  17. Total runs one piled up including nothing on a big scale
  18. Unease I'd picked up: I should participate in new quest
  19. Source of decoration using cigar in an unusual way
  20. Sword? I'm the very thing involved in evidence of wound
  21. Partisan reviewed prospective member?
  22. Like a nuanced view? It's not evident in words on screen
  23. Stop offering no initial comfort
  24. Close — initially not even remote? Not initially
  25. Take a quick look at first of cases in hospital
  26. Bet meat and oil are processed as essential for life
  27. Good painter works hard over place with famous address
  28. Appeal of the Parisian father's embraced
  29. Militaristic state's ability in spring
  30. A few high on old tower
  31. Mistake demolishing English house?
  32. Not happy in place surrounded by sick
  33. Personal qualities frequently destroy repeatedly on board?
  34. Holiday island where I party after going back
  35. Support for prayer was intrusive and regularly mixed up
  36. Drunken Arabs caught producing wine
  37. Light pressure used with beer
  38. Present daily record outside parliament, ultimately like many peers
  39. Train around area for annual race meeting
  40. Cut record company putting out books
  41. Conservative lot leading their opponents in desire for manufacturers?
  42. Equipment for tennis professional with suitable final income
  43. What's hot sun cracking wet earth?
  44. A tortuous clue somehow about the Spanish painter
  45. I'm less than impressed with mammoth trade
  46. Home gets consent to opening
  47. Bible books exist to be raised as a source of inspiration
  48. Circle pub argument — something to be carried on outside?
  49. Weary time in plant garden with elders
  50. His rank is unusual for a deity
  51. Outfit without basis to work on a newspaper?
  52. Each year having a written test
  53. Island place
  54. Range for cooking crumpets
  55. Fastener for hair
  56. Parrot given material to consume
  57. Comment concerning Matthew's successor
  58. Ruler protected by assistants arriving
  59. Evil can upset a city
  60. Shock a quiet chum
  61. Fibre shown by little girl confronting gangster?
  62. Request made by intimate learner
  63. A record with minimum of snow in the mountains
  64. Thus African country must be African!
  65. Civilised European drinking Vermouth
  66. Order editor around, making protest
  67. Providing funds for the last bit unpaid
  68. Tries to see noble fellows
  69. Explain trophy inscribed with name of tragic king
  70. Sailor turning up is unpleasant person
  71. Sort of preacher to want more liars converted
  72. Melon's different fruit
  73. My face is diffusing warmth
  74. Saint opposing a time of fasting in East
  75. Very impressive ace, first person to get total read out
  76. Bird to get down
  77. I had a small house somewhere in America
  78. Don's stage
  79. Provincial party set up — food provided
  80. Game Venetian who travelled widely in the East
  81. A bull never badly at risk
  82. Bloomer made by newspaper about lady-killer from the East
  83. One competed with climbers in prominent positions
  84. Faulty legal process, one I abandoned —a big blow
  85. Posh bishop and wife in eg New York underground
  86. New knight assigned powers to use one's full potential
  87. Points about wine and fruit drink initially encouraging friendly relations
  88. Pronounced hardship for one working on sailing ship
  89. City displaying stylishness in the past
  90. Young fish constantly circling lake
  91. Breeding ground teacher associated with Pistol's world
  92. Shabby trio framing poster, say, at pub
  93. Rower finally abandoning country river
  94. Mail manager's notice binding staff
  95. Report of medium-sized cat in playing area
  96. Mostly indisposed, appear rejected?
  97. They persistently criticise new vessels
  98. Dispute about a trendy Bohemian's first colourful display
  99. Short fellow embracing Italian woman, a national symbol
  100. Child's donkey loses head, creating current disturbance

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