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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-July-2021
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-July-2021
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-July-2021
  1. Rebuilt each, partly following a model
  2. Dances with wife following a puzzle
  3. Very unfortunate time, with export from Cuba brought back
  4. This could supply water — what do you think?
  5. Inclination to write song
  6. Uncommon panic about Conservative
  7. Meaning to get stuff from abroad?
  8. Note heartless opponent finding monument?
  9. Compete to restrain constant crime
  10. Flan rapidly cut by that man
  11. About to show signs of exertion, returning for a quick snooze
  12. Gloomy note disrupted study of insects
  13. About to capture hydrogen in river
  14. Swindler almost entirely ruthless, sadly
  15. Draw tops of the old windows
  16. Chance of success? Work up talent, I fancy
  17. Restraint for dogs beginning to hunt beyond meadows
  18. Champion, with something short of a bullseye
  19. Identification adopted by current leader
  20. New reporter cuddling that woman's little angel
  21. Crucial US city to important figure, on reflection
  22. Individual bringing in copper when required
  23. Family beginning to generate loud noise
  24. Odd bits of charm in English river
  25. One who's given pledge with complete ease, we hear?
  26. Lamb originally slaughtered for a Hebrew prophet
  27. Part of hospital technology the French authorise
  28. Society shunned by NE European scholar
  29. US politician defending one's religious faith
  30. Group of universities that is vaguely organised centrally?
  31. Beware entrance to such underground hollows
  32. Ringer's appearance acolytes initially approve of
  33. African city reached by libertine in thirty-one days
  34. The cheek of some musicians!
  35. Eg Henry's report of labourer chased by dangerous reptile
  36. Figure of Greek character with medical degree
  37. Men in company crossing over major river
  38. Outward appearance of water sport champion
  39. Saunter extremely meekly around old Kent area
  40. Creepy type calls, mostly having nothing on!
  41. Brandish knife finally in outback
  42. When a sportsman's shot he's expected to make a recovery
  43. Plant given airtime as broadcast
  44. Scattered glitter on oxherd, an unsophisticated neighbour
  45. Each and all: though not all dads' female offspring, do we infer?
  46. Raise fine collected by the first lady
  47. Sugary coating unwelcome on aircraft
  48. Crazy old nurse's point? Not so
  49. Firm master's first in class, a source of leftist propaganda once
  50. Warning initially given by teacher over waxy secretion
  51. Lover shortly taking time in Royal Academy area
  52. Conveyors of blood belonging to relative in sanatorium
  53. Splendour of head of green parrot
  54. Note ultimately made after upsetting part of speech
  55. The point of growing long-term deposits?
  56. Post stuff to the auditors
  57. Miss work to make music and dance
  58. Boy band with endless patter
  59. Instrument chosen with right pitch, occasionally by ear?
  60. Cases of underwear with lace inside
  61. Bones of a philosopher mostly rest in peace
  62. It's mischievous and egotistic to go topless
  63. Very fast solving
  64. Life changing event for pets is a worrying time
  65. Nobel and his mixed run as a scientist
  66. Inuit leader fought with a climber
  67. Guy wanting time for leisure
  68. Team with one fan forced into a big effort
  69. Sweet waffle, flipped over
  70. Food has one raising a little complaint
  71. Under arrest, suspect's initial concerns
  72. Wrongly report the condition of a major road
  73. Bones grouped together thanks to a strain injury
  74. Thrilled visiting site of a fire
  75. Ask to go before part of a test starts
  76. Speaking out for a Greek character in action at sea
  77. Advent roast in a church with fruit stuffing
  78. Speciality marmalade
  79. Health is fine, see, after wife left
  80. Object to one second to last on the list
  81. Central spot to put up sexy picture
  82. Correct course when heading north
  83. Sailor and soldier regularly unload arthropod
  84. Quiet American, sick with hatred, takes in old and timid
  85. A bunch of well-read librarians wing it
  86. Victory impresses more trendy assistant in hunt
  87. Author about to block old censor and senator finally
  88. The incredible awareness at the heart of Shakespeare
  89. Idiots undermine bills ambassador introduced
  90. Bizarre account involving old form of fruit
  91. A lot of sailors grasping firm bit of mast
  92. Notice present then past feature in playground
  93. Wet blanket near person at end of day
  94. Fleet Street record dance
  95. Calm down one in a key state after rioting
  96. Cicero is an orator first and foremost!' Roman cheers
  97. Couple hold nerve withdrawing farm job
  98. This writer's probing unfit revolutionary instruments
  99. Flat sporting occasion curtailed
  100. In Arctic ground I had added corrosive chemical

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