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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-December-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-December-2019
  1. Clergyman with nose in turkey?
  2. Good Polish food
  3. Cut short a game of cards
  4. Princely Valentino bleeding a little
  5. Long to have a Granny Smith? Or another fruit?
  6. Scout occasionally drunk
  7. Nothing unusual on thug
  8. Ship carrying fruit and some asparagus?
  9. Badger or horse?
  10. Unruly Tibetan, so pig-headed!
  11. Mad after son's departure? That's silly
  12. Titles, I suspect, will reveal a snob?
  13. Observe ambassador meeting newspaper boss
  14. Take no notice of Italian gentleman losing head
  15. Pretend to be a writer, young one imprisoned here?
  16. Repeat programme showing Her Majesty in control
  17. Cocktail that's out of date?
  18. Coffee makes you stronger, they say
  19. Grumble, as sheep in field might do
  20. Have a quick look around Tower
  21. Being bold, I present ring at sea
  22. Advance quietly in university class
  23. Dreadful secret involving quiet ghost
  24. Heard no horses do this
  25. Killed a large number
  26. Before midday I leave to find companion
  27. Still agog
  28. Entering room in knickers, fashion victim?
  29. Dull, see, their plays
  30. Determined innings over then?
  31. Offensive, a course inspiring thuggery primarily
  32. Island: old man therein crossing river, doing the backstroke?
  33. Hard and windblown Hindu Kush, say, where shots fired repeatedly?
  34. What one making a mad dash is, and does? Basic stuff
  35. Flies disturbed sleep after turning over for quick stretch?
  36. Iron Lady, it's felt
  37. Carefully consider result of enlargement?
  38. Duck, parrot and budgie, perhaps, back on team
  39. Gathering speed at sea, perhaps?
  40. Value again up following overhaul of paper
  41. Turning corrupt, a politician
  42. Certainly organ may be heard
  43. Lift first of immaculate white shrouds
  44. Leader in equestrianism, victory key for competitive horse
  45. Aid sent to poor is posted
  46. Philosopher I support for a very short time
  47. Sweet, posh, with label attached round about
  48. Vehicle covered by bill sticker — that's promotion!
  49. Score, might you say, that's written on
  50. King and queen to stop celebs revealing all
  51. Always forgetting where Lebanon is, assuming Norway initially in Middle East
  52. Is man one, evolved?
  53. Given worms while in nest, possibly — had enough?
  54. Audibly mark offbeat music
  55. Article with no charm upset newsreader
  56. Wetland entry on website ignoring Lake
  57. Poster promoting stamina?
  58. Lizard, say, returning? Fine about retreating
  59. Woman's clear about new tendency to gather
  60. Damages the planet
  61. Initially locked and secure
  62. Museum exhibit resembling a head of Lenin, strangely
  63. I'm a good source of Expressionist picture
  64. How to cook small fish from the ocean floor?
  65. Rook avoiding plant in wetland
  66. Apostle boarding moving train has protective covering
  67. Article like this enthrals learner as well
  68. Monstrous creature depicted by that fellow in church, an artist
  69. Tree, old, associated with a King
  70. River in principal area is a place with boats
  71. Odd thing left, held by young fellow in entertainment centre
  72. Embargo restricting company meat
  73. Cave not entirely unpleasant? Nothing more
  74. Sanitise wrong abbreviation for "iron” in dictionary
  75. Nude left almost shivering — what's required?
  76. Support story accepted by match official
  77. Feature of game linked primarily with snake?
  78. Farm crop may be good with wet weather
  79. Song that has holy men gutted
  80. Some other age and time
  81. Scores talk about doctor's last case
  82. Badminton competition's opening by end of June
  83. Stone work unit hiding old article stops here
  84. Court nails suspect without hearing
  85. Recurved bananas make quite an impact
  86. Embed motorway scheme within it
  87. Old coin found in early English school
  88. Sculptor's inside say scraping away
  89. Response to derisory offer from bishop good in principle
  90. Keen student's wife ensconced in boozer
  91. Identify comic penning verse, in declaring his allegiance?
  92. 9 attempt to be heard by Irish town briefly
  93. Gourmets quibble, eating banger
  94. Consult old patient about earth recording
  95. Frank is very involved with unit in education centre
  96. Chief put away person who has had one
  97. Helped end a hunt organised in European continent
  98. Biggest supporter in ground hit bouncer close to exit
  99. A very low increase in brief
  100. Paper working to limit Republican club

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