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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 11-August-2020
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-August-2020
  1. Tries again at rear of mule train
  2. Animal in forest, a gazelle
  3. Be suspicious of party, but relaxed
  4. Briefly board ship prior to travel ban
  5. Have a meal, warm, without husband
  6. Doctor and MA having part in complex procedure
  7. Colas I ordered for party
  8. Drawing of small sailing vessel
  9. Justify being very mean
  10. Cut fruit, then vegetable
  11. Daily in circulation, originally thinner
  12. Leading group capsized
  13. Draw a circle round item of jewellery
  14. Make light of losing on stage show
  15. Set right about frock
  16. Search round a place frequently visited
  17. Conservative blocking amendment causes heated dispute
  18. Toboggan beginning to slide over projecting shelf
  19. Come about act available
  20. Good to wander in small wooded area
  21. A dark horse in the field of children's literature?
  22. Business worry
  23. Cheer that woman catching a number
  24. Save about litre in cask
  25. Member of the clergy visiting Civic Arena
  26. Bother with duck sauce
  27. Expert composer making records
  28. Defeated, have to amputate
  29. Finally fed such a man here?
  30. Doctor frees police up
  31. A mythical giant with eyes on stalks
  32. First law by Confucius, say: show maturity
  33. One in bed appeared to have a bad back
  34. One from dairy chain picked up
  35. Getting back, have left bed for cat
  36. Without French priest, one's paid for nothing
  37. Two kids: pa and I grip one roughly
  38. Head in various directions
  39. Give most important backing in a live case
  40. Fetch strong drink
  41. Like a ski-run? Work in transport in winter
  42. Go back and prepare to run
  43. One breaking step showing remorse
  44. Pineapple and some bananas eaten (not "ate”) in class
  45. Corruptly closing river in the season
  46. Not quite clear paper's to turn up, organised extra books
  47. Way to include member of large family in cast
  48. Wilde for one with a certain appeal
  49. Soldiers in fracas on royal ship
  50. Act confused, failing pass
  51. Beauty's first seen in a sublime ruined temple site
  52. Perhaps one burgling home more loyal daughter interrupts
  53. On diary confirm date, at first not offering money
  54. Hot dish eaten by psalmist
  55. Answer very quietly; one may be on the phone
  56. Appreciative, having this much coal?
  57. About to demand a strong wooden barrel
  58. Bag for Falstaff's wine!
  59. One who conveys news about alcoholic drink
  60. Wobbly: lacking capacity to cross street
  61. Reportedly outstanding lyric poem
  62. Mistakes made by English kings at start of actions
  63. Groans frightfully, finding skirtlike garment
  64. Scottish port involved in Hogmanay revels
  65. The commercial centre of Banbridge, for example?
  66. Put off carrying container, a stoppered glass
  67. Unemployed superstar given a hearing
  68. Boss demanding endless academic application
  69. Former exam relating to rural life
  70. Signal from visitor dropping union leader on river
  71. A northern church's attempt to establish origin
  72. Troublemaker sacked for pinching grain husks
  73. Cut Liszt's first work
  74. Abrupt old Republican ringing a museum boss
  75. Pacify son, very small, just into double figures
  76. Unhappy as steward, going in this direction?
  77. Well-meaning type taking pet initially over European river
  78. First-class male in torn clothing
  79. A Royal Marines orchestra's form of identification
  80. Refined chap set up shelter
  81. Most superior upper garment
  82. Spark is appropriate around Scottish chimney, on reflection
  83. Uninspired old head of BBC grasping pen? On the contrary
  84. Supporting company agreement after some strain? That is indicator of future prospects
  85. This is the ultimate in blasphemy?
  86. Objective of female coming on board for departures
  87. Activist theatrical in rage, going wild
  88. Unemployed one gets appropriate payment, nothing less
  89. Suggestion assistant should postpone article
  90. See Yorkshire river beside event in Sheffield, say
  91. No shift involving doctor in thirty days
  92. Unequivocal gossip gets investment from City
  93. What produces reduction of scale in floods more frequently
  94. Mark, my son, turned to run, losing time
  95. Hitch after cat does for small performer
  96. Delicate stuff, oil turning up on cheese
  97. Horse carrying pack let loose in town square
  98. Start of last over — our players end in ignominy, being dreadful
  99. Family member hurries to get rid of it
  100. A French duke brought in twenty pounds for a rascal

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