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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-October-2020
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2020
  1. Terrible failures that could make celeb sad
  2. Drug supplied by ambassador meeting politician
  3. Army officer to slip and go to ground
  4. Duck beginning to dabble with hesitation in river
  5. Bird's preserved food? Could be a problem
  6. Business folk are primarily chaps
  7. Extracted from mine, the necessary chemical
  8. Sit awkwardly in breeze, becoming upset
  9. A man with a wicked wife gets a good deal
  10. Close friend to regale excitedly
  11. Ruler good, following relations
  12. Extend piece of writing with publicist's introduction
  13. Cut short weed
  14. Eat quickly and run off
  15. Letters or cards?
  16. School outside American station
  17. Red-nosed drunk is given support
  18. Surrounded by fairies, she dies
  19. Most fretful sorceress, one participating in experiment
  20. Journalist has penned awfully drab sort of book
  21. A pot's one unusual kitchen item
  22. Servant, awful brute about 50
  23. Star seen in massive gallery
  24. Harbour drink left
  25. Cloth worker joins navy, perhaps, becoming NCO?
  26. Bishop abandons climb I'm for circulating in celluloid
  27. Burrowing insect duke removed from flower-bed
  28. Pub has appeal, commonly, is that not so?
  29. Islander thanks Welsh girl entertaining crew
  30. Person drawing vessel in Home Counties river
  31. Urge initially to understand an Indo-European language
  32. Hood, for example? Old hat originally worn around city
  33. Work together in diplomacy, protecting Queen
  34. A rage rejected by a lean American trapeze artist
  35. Pride's initial spur for his historical act?
  36. Girl consuming a side dish in Mumbai?
  37. Friend in Prague reportedly winning position on board?
  38. O for a means to disseminate information!
  39. Doorman's company getting Hebridean beauty in trouble
  40. Permit husband to leave fungus on church
  41. University club housing old submarine
  42. Bird an impatient landlord might hope to secure?
  43. Fail to attend again? That's careless
  44. Opening in battlement half of them support? Absolutely
  45. City man put up with heartless crone
  46. Be last to contact certain soldiers in pub
  47. Brief opportunity to secure Omani, perhaps, as coach
  48. Clothing worn by knight on river — sweaters and things
  49. Word in India for transport hubs
  50. A brute keeping right up to date
  51. Entry in brief is calculation relating to tax revenues
  52. Quick glance, half-heartedly, over last of jasmine tea
  53. Splendid large university Fred now recalled
  54. Criticise cooking equipment
  55. Creative work left in reserve, writing for newspaper?
  56. Organ belonging to me? That's not true
  57. Remain healthy after fourth grade
  58. In court, earl turned red
  59. Bill originally contained different tax on printer
  60. Granite-like rock in Dordogne is spectacular
  61. Unknown among elite soldiers with zero authority
  62. Father accepts one dry type of bread
  63. Racecourse area popular with elder, for example
  64. Knight meets a French religious lady
  65. Type of mortgage Mo and Ned went to arrange
  66. Gradually impair dress in blue
  67. Egg container upside-down
  68. Go beyond former prison room briefly
  69. Dressing European celebrity in something dirty
  70. Greek character welcomes a dance
  71. Gift disheartened lady at once
  72. Snow fell endlessly — at this festive time?
  73. Wife leaves old English Duke for jazzy American one?
  74. Lazy boozer claims state benefit over time
  75. Copy current computer technology in China
  76. Physical strength is back, regenerated
  77. Golf competition half-seen after work
  78. Draymen regularly avoided Sussex town
  79. Go, for example, outside of the cell
  80. A mite invading cloche possibly where a plant is growing
  81. Understanding directions for pen strokes to draw F on its side?
  82. Highly regard including unknown trade union in amalgamation process
  83. Sharp reply concerning new member duke introduced
  84. Dangerous, like a yeti
  85. Robin needs bravery when second flees
  86. Junction layout of west end of Central Line covering page
  87. Bush to refuse to accept letter from old England
  88. Brand of small vehicle
  89. Many grabbing uniform: one forgot taking it
  90. Regularly uncertain about dodgy refit for African Queen
  91. Oven I am returning — beware, bank is involved
  92. In this year one receives no capital
  93. Cry out, seeing loose weathered stones on front of church
  94. Difficult time with Yankee in boxing venue
  95. A grub stop when travelling?
  96. Deer climb where oxygen's lacking, initially judging by account
  97. Statement from UK spying agency
  98. Author O Henry turned up minutes before the Queen
  99. Container mostly problematic for spiny shrub
  100. Bully, perhaps, volunteers what everyone passes

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