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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-January-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-January-2020
  1. Fool on street is landing
  2. Simpleton's one point taking one in
  3. A Conservative I defied verbally's become sour
  4. What's hard and highly valued about the jumbo?
  5. Brave Pole's broadcast that can be shown
  6. National Insurance in tax year is something worthless
  7. Image of German holding most of 6 down
  8. Unfairly punish small boys: one's contrite, finally
  9. Once in the middle of kiss, hugged by imbecile
  10. Referring back to subject of Felix, ever cryptic!
  11. Cancelling hair-removal treatment after losing weight
  12. An unknown obligation's around that is causing concerns
  13. Don't split up tasty fragments!
  14. Stasi moved to hold famous author
  15. Lift light beams that can be picked up
  16. Old priest the Spanish idolised originally
  17. Resentment once of failure, gone bad
  18. Goddess: I'm Swiss, oddly
  19. Like sports drink, one drunk on ice, briefly
  20. Bird is flying around in Italian port
  21. Oral examination initially routine in all animal enclosures
  22. Refreshing drinks cat, I see, has upset
  23. Black ones containing family's swimwear
  24. Passion displayed by north eastern girl
  25. Lass finally catching game, unaccompanied male
  26. Message that's loud a mark of error
  27. Top item California put inside bread roll
  28. Is unable to swing round
  29. Tailor is fool to hurry back of blazer
  30. Move to avoid waltz's beginning during ball at court
  31. Create difficulty for philosopher endlessly cut by left
  32. Like Jersey sailors to kiss amorously?
  33. Tilapia is freshest spit cooked
  34. Lawbreaking shot, perhaps before teeing off
  35. Withdrawn train cut for engineering work?
  36. The sack around tavern is stored like wine
  37. Intended one for Resistance in country round Paris
  38. Some yeti seen roaming mountain valley
  39. Taunt rich setter, not well
  40. Want the French to cultivate tapestries?
  41. Sweets and drops the head confiscated outside class
  42. Search for missing note in cabin
  43. One is unusually sound
  44. Remains mostly outside a capital city
  45. Bill holds port back
  46. Scours harbour — with nothing like a walrus to be seen?
  47. Young monk's drama over wrong habit
  48. Wife's got in mostly fish supper for working partner
  49. Vast human waste with any number devoted to luxury
  50. One originating at Isle of Wight resort lacking second name
  51. Peninsula and related port in the Med
  52. Case of veal is lost
  53. City centre line
  54. Perhaps cut down rye whiskey after second
  55. Current parliament returns early work
  56. Disastrously dropped litre drinks in school
  57. Master divisor, ignoring two quarters
  58. Armstrong's heard of what prayers do
  59. Resorts employing treatment, having nothing for drug at intervals
  60. Unpleasant, and very cold, outside King's Head
  61. Republic disperses beatniks pursuing sawn-off gun
  62. Give up introducing complex rating scale
  63. Still, one that's never been authenticated
  64. Cruisers might lie along this front, playing cards
  65. In which the beast of Siberia is caught?
  66. Screen producer's turkey chasing small donkey
  67. Stars dealing with a disease hooked by drugs
  68. Toy with no head found in sack
  69. Obscure country's losing a contest finally in court
  70. This author's taking in singular theory
  71. Current producer withdraws a good deal in style
  72. In place of holiday, English cleaner in criminal court!
  73. Some delightfully rich little poem
  74. Take a look into a large juvenile compound
  75. Three views about to be one
  76. Fool jolly officer
  77. Like grass family doctor brought in, it's negotiable
  78. As was Molly Brown, tanning in bleak sun
  79. Try nut and bolt to secure area
  80. Skirt round old temple displaying measure of power
  81. Fighter once assembled eastern troops
  82. Poles in Brussels start to examine result
  83. Cut theatre for men only
  84. Away side at Old Trafford
  85. Where strikers are lined up to fight after game
  86. Fancy wife goes with that man
  87. Computer player is more spirited
  88. Small room with first musician
  89. Turning, lecturer is to indicate agreement
  90. Small fib about some number that's marked on the road
  91. Strongly desire extravagant praise
  92. Church employee right on the edge
  93. Children's theatre?
  94. Stick in part of mouth
  95. Speaker's fully absorbed, stuck into paper
  96. Mark time, and succeed holding area
  97. Travel using free energy
  98. State banks are failing
  99. Sort of red spy man shortly arrests
  100. Shy victim I disbelieved in part

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