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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-June-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 2-June-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-June-2020
  1. Confirm you might find cricket lover here?
  2. Visit prison reported to be pretty
  3. Supplies cut short by supporter for time being
  4. Fatuous characters in Twain anecdote
  5. Stuff your face and get too hot in Bow?
  6. Escape from party with top-class athlete
  7. Band in blissful state
  8. Subject those people start to enjoy
  9. Fair-minded democrat beaten up in side street
  10. Half-cut priest dined in grounds
  11. Solicitor in bed, drinking whiskey
  12. One who helps a posh couple?
  13. Doctor Who ranted, making a sort of drama
  14. Scoundrel found in southern port?
  15. Tory heading European research centre? It's a worry
  16. Row endlessly about nothing
  17. Ostler occasionally attending shy creature
  18. To guard against infection I clean out potty
  19. Seriously, it's too soon to hold retreat
  20. Opposed to a holy man pocketing reward
  21. Propositioned general, a little uneasy
  22. Romantic proposal
  23. Article gets thank you letter
  24. Drunkard finding nothing in street
  25. Cajolery frequently succeeded in ongoing saga
  26. Attempt to save plant
  27. Scheming felon caught in Vienna in disguise
  28. Two parties that never got off the ground?
  29. Where to see scholars getting on train?
  30. Warning about echo in that place
  31. Children ultimately in pathetic fight for play area
  32. Tentative article replaced by another in journal
  33. Rope seaman primarily leaves alone
  34. Biographer's material, what's known of it?
  35. Source of light to cry over
  36. Flavouring ingredient, mixture of melon and peach
  37. Four outsiders in theatre with unfinished business
  38. Revolutionary went off round city, one finds
  39. Under fire, however, players blew it
  40. Mine, I agree, finally hit bottom
  41. Rotters hosting oddly dull do
  42. In contact with foreign leader this month
  43. Powerful transport turning right to start with
  44. Timber cross we'd erroneously inscribed
  45. Contrarily put on Grease though opera's wanted
  46. Sent by plane across India, member was sick
  47. Foodie heading for tavern after exam in postwar capital
  48. Enter unwanted suggestion, commonly coarse
  49. Lean over counter in repair shop
  50. Internal contraction due to extremely speedy boa?
  51. Judge associated with the top people: I'm surprised he's been driven out
  52. Poet's son writes about uprising
  53. Sweet drink accompanying spread
  54. Dance that's unexpected
  55. Unfortunately, I retain a lack of movement
  56. Chat ends in lengthy tea break
  57. Pub's motto, questionably — this?
  58. Thai rebuilt capital in independent country
  59. Watch, say, brief spins
  60. VIP from Lancashire, perhaps, on jumbo
  61. Bed found in croft, oddly
  62. Communist leader, Elizabeth I perhaps?
  63. Show lettuce concealing little bird
  64. Present intent, a wild party
  65. Sandwich behind pasty, ultimately
  66. Second double fifty secured by man
  67. Ablest men upset with this business?
  68. Thus penning clue for religion
  69. Moving on to Hereford, a final pint downed?
  70. Minor injury reduced
  71. Obstruct basket
  72. Is monocle ruined? There's a little mark
  73. Watering hole in sweltering Australian city
  74. Bait — is that eyed?
  75. Bird left with English name
  76. Racket held in hand, inevitably
  77. Get on European service to return
  78. Irish cop ordered to arrest doctor with similar appearance
  79. Person in suit beginning to try stew
  80. Crop one stored in old prison
  81. Perfect maybe on horseback? Don't relax
  82. Feel uneasy about importing a plant
  83. Supporter of the Reds on the same train as me?
  84. Unusual kind of eccentric fraud
  85. Husband loves extremely short cleaner
  86. Cross removed from outside, never to be broken?
  87. Old king retired, carrying current coat
  88. Hear this from ass hacking across English hectares
  89. Street vendors borrow nuts fed to horses
  90. Main entrance to top stately home
  91. Feature of expert in opposition
  92. Filling in maestro's informal application for cellist
  93. Old sailor preferred dealing with explosive ingredient
  94. The writer's keeping a note cordial
  95. Pity he's left here gloomy, having lost second round
  96. Home Office head blocking just over 100 ordinary folk
  97. Compare entertaining ambassador and cook
  98. Force state briefly to give up
  99. Carriage with frivolous warning to driver behind
  100. Squire's way right around county

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