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10-July-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Stole what diner may leave with dog?
  2. US soldier very into vocation — medical attendant?
  3. One to be taken by the force?
  4. With drink man would take food at hotel without ever letting up
  5. Rigorous limit avoided by engineers
  6. Meat dish rises with cooking
  7. Rise briefly over ocean, leaving river and coming to a high point
  8. Substantial front to garden, with colour around
  9. Get rid of reserve in collation of memories?
  10. Pundit's second childhood, for one
  11. Sequence of notes hermit finally placed in old grotto
  12. Key cricketer making comeback
  13. Shelter in squalid place, from such weather?
  14. Tepid conflict linked to first of manuscripts overseen by gospel writer
  15. Style of swimming that's chilly in cold lake
  16. A pound in bank: are you sure?
  17. Liberal, like some public houses
  18. Fragrant shrub: attempt to block tree coming up
  19. Gather urgent request needs time
  20. Loud volume nearby, though not initially
  21. Gold edging for English jacket
  22. Leave somewhere uncultivated
  23. One hard poet translated is Paris prizewinner
  24. Full of noise, harangue in support of county match
  25. Charlie spots lawyer removing street's protection for drivers
  26. Will's lost unpaid work
  27. Sentimental Greek character retiring
  28. Better to conceal one's made up
  29. Teach recruit badly; it's a fine art
  30. I'd forget to recycle sack
  31. Conscious a King is surrounded by reverence
  32. Brown and black farm animal, sweetly pretty
  33. Old copper in standard valve
  34. Party time? There's little point
  35. Grass is needed by horse, I swear it?
  36. Cathedral city supporting man, just when needed
  37. Cute plane handled badly, prompting irritability
  38. Woman and writer go off to marry
  39. One informing idiot's in school
  40. Story I want rewritten after I prepare to attack?
  41. A number of families from America turned back at frontier
  42. Details snags after repairing church feature
  43. Profitable business's general condition leading to worry
  44. Misfired a shot — very rash
  45. Tropical plant not fully bedded down
  46. Avoid source of heat in fine weather
  47. Unlimited confidence in primordial bird
  48. Deliberately forward contract, work being held up
  49. Lie around with newspaper and popular item of confectionery
  50. Take notice? No point
  51. Put down sums for models
  52. Empty tin put in tank