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10-June-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Sound of a sneeze heard? That's in dispute
  2. Reveal temperature in Spanish city
  3. Woman serving up unknown fruit
  4. Recalled article by North European on military general
  5. Called back, finding large lump
  6. The aim's to change a lack of belief in god
  7. List including duck and fowl
  8. Little Florence entertains blokes in Athletic club dance
  9. Jingoistic individual having stupid row with German
  10. Financial supporter not available to back hairdressing product
  11. Unmarried man excited Chloe in pub
  12. A foreign worker sheltering communist on way north? That's devious
  13. Hardline Tories Sun ignored in unimportant articles
  14. Trade show open
  15. Second chamber full of titters? It's a shambles
  16. Tight-lipped Home Counties arty type has no answer
  17. Closely examine small prison
  18. A part of the body that's stirring
  19. One critical about Papa's barber?
  20. US soldier rejected toilet, dwelling in freezing conditions
  21. Birdwatcher throttling me, getting increasingly jumpy
  22. Put under pressure, rushed to get ‘A' for university
  23. Where you might find Emma, destined never to meet her beau?
  24. Swindler runs past new sleuth
  25. Aggressive Finn rudely snarling
  26. First couple of children in A&E hurt
  27. Disastrous main event?
  28. Again plan harvest around first of May
  29. Perhaps calf is a beast of burden carrying sack regularly
  30. Heroin found on press in train once
  31. Adult heard complaint raised
  32. ET, an enthralling tale
  33. US composer whinges awfully about intro of record
  34. Duck from the east about to snuff it
  35. Lowest emotional point of commemoration: a dirge
  36. One who stands against the old decaying gates enclosing unit
  37. Chap from Conakry sanguine answering guards
  38. Troubled son used Soho lodging place
  39. Sword nicked by girl
  40. Jazz pianist favoured by royal relative after award
  41. Denigrate DA wronged in mix-up
  42. Recharge, repositioning bits in the brain
  43. Both Stuart and Dionne half-completed artist's workroom
  44. Insult a nobleman on air and suddenly depart
  45. Here one may end with bitterness and cries of pain
  46. Turned to welcome Shakespearean character
  47. Struck dumb, maybe, but showing no emotion
  48. Mermaid is so very merry!
  49. Protégé of Fenland warrior, no longer here
  50. A vocal expression in harmony
  51. Island supporting penniless old folk's refuge
  52. School prize went to son, finally
  53. Violent storm forcibly split a party
  54. Bet knocked back? I'm sometimes fuming!
  55. Everyone outside potty over handsome young man