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10-June-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Exhorts, in French, to marry son
  2. Measure of length of payment time
  3. A dribbling Tory?
  4. Strength shown by triathlete initially in front
  5. Foul places knight visits heaving dull sigh
  6. Reports Athletic Club matters
  7. Beyond belief originally, irregular accent
  8. In conclusion, good time promised
  9. Live with artist, accepting vilification, in Caribbean location
  10. Sale that sounds weird to some?
  11. Shocking — as a secret?
  12. Shifts hell for old servant
  13. Manage to flee
  14. Acting so uncertain — is one?
  15. Long Tube journey in minute
  16. Family on radio taking their bow?
  17. Vital force only somewhat achievable
  18. Bird stuffed with first of chestnuts on the empty dish
  19. Lincoln's assassin, by front of stage, stalls
  20. Decent reason for play area
  21. Even better, one's peaked
  22. A couple of lines penned by each girl
  23. Business money secures gripping tool, mostly for machine on plantation
  24. Elderly Cockney's influence
  25. Arrogant school bowler, perhaps
  26. Blooming disheartening final test
  27. A greeting the chap is going to love
  28. Widespread agitating I'd suffer endlessly
  29. Very different topic has fellow on strike
  30. Shot, use weapon
  31. Wandering around Virginia, on allowance
  32. Fish a healthy red colour, tailless
  33. Pocket purse
  34. General and Marxist eyed with disdain
  35. Fellow spun round endlessly
  36. Told stories added by brief, regularly recalled
  37. Secure document for manual worker?
  38. Wet day touring site in need of development
  39. Female at first rubbished this gift, causing a punch-up
  40. Steps taken in Scotland as corrupt regime shot slippery character
  41. The setter having sprung up, cuckoo setting off
  42. Sailor not at home? That's concerning
  43. Puzzle briefly referring to river
  44. Magnificent nose broken by nice deceptive left
  45. Stylish clothes, ultimately, dyer's transformed
  46. Top left
  47. Newspaper cut up about leader in general — bother!
  48. Back in Paris, I annoy local French citizen
  49. American Symphony Orchestra in Newark, last of all
  50. Particular bit of fish, unpleasant
  51. Pilgrimage starts off hopeful and joyful journey
  52. Dope and speed in compound
  53. Joint that's nothing exceptional inside
  54. Returning favour to Ms Darling perhaps, as compensation
  55. Capital needed, get old man to invest cash, finally