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11-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Fine-tune first of devices used in a fair
  2. London statue painful to put back
  3. Charge for carrying horse resting in shade
  4. One impaled on terrible horn — its?
  5. Malign ward supervisor entertaining at home
  6. Fantastic, one taking pledge — an older relative!
  7. No puritan, keen on American women?
  8. Instrument from east associated with this country
  9. Board work harmoniously
  10. Maintain right for union leader to perform
  11. Authorise retired military engineers to lock up prisoner
  12. Crazy food for squirrel
  13. Intelligence steward deployed having worked in S African region
  14. Mimic provided with Italian wine, possibly, before meal
  15. Dandy clutching large bomb
  16. Fit in curve round lake
  17. A big blow when visitor rejects hallucinatory drug
  18. Avoid Santa Fe Trail city
  19. Compete to block drunkard in Russian council
  20. Study used by English prime minister in the past
  21. With power thrust forward and fall precipitously
  22. A little European larva
  23. Italian fellow's extremely cool sound reproduction
  24. An achievement, having units of poetry recited
  25. Edges into study, bright red
  26. Large vessel initially unpopular with sailors
  27. Persevering, even if difficult terrain
  28. Release a French set finally missing end of prep
  29. Section of, say, people in street
  30. Cultural traits unexpectedly shown by current clubs
  31. Things people are going to say?
  32. Curios thus gathering round maestro?
  33. Crews have no head for heights
  34. University academic, a Times subscriber, perhaps?
  35. Old man developed seaside land for social venue
  36. Players sit: boos break out
  37. Executive area in feeding-place finally in regular use
  38. Drink beginning to befuddle Dame Edna
  39. He may have a hissy fit — look!
  40. Case in which canon takes formal wear
  41. Society role played by an austere old Greek
  42. Person consulted appearing uninterested in listening
  43. A graduate with a research room in the Birmingham area?
  44. Scot left during talk with, say, another Scot?
  45. Popular, Castro, but no Christian
  46. Throw rest out, returning most important fisherman's trap
  47. Quickly grabbing uniform for opera
  48. Profit from one number by country-and-western singer
  49. Amount of writing covering European leader's ancestry
  50. President to refuse to allow a Japanese art form
  51. Edged forward, with hooter?
  52. Self-educator executed turn with American car
  53. Mature persons a police officer has arrested in the last month
  54. I obliged Ben to arrange feature of hotel room