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11-January-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Honour a husband, showing a sort of charm
  2. Song of Republican over in California
  3. Nursery item's function
  4. What is true about English I love, America being flippant?
  5. Dry a very short time
  6. Something edgy about sport bringing bit of bad language
  7. Fragrance of a capital (in local parlance)
  8. Choice tips from expert getting post
  9. Flats maybe by trail in Cornish town
  10. Regret when school subject is squeezed — money found
  11. Flier, quickest, relative displays
  12. Not half mocked in jockey's equipment? Leave fast!
  13. Swimmer finished poetically, clinching races
  14. Fixed a strip of wood or metal around front of window
  15. Impressive revised arrangement of act? Clap? Sure!
  16. Is able to vote as several standing initially seek support
  17. Lousy rent — raise various amounts paid in advance
  18. Hell, with a group of religious folk creating chaos
  19. Pole needed to use ATM
  20. Overtake father and sons
  21. Holy circle in church a lot
  22. Recognise legend, wacko in peculiar guise
  23. Ill-tempered promise — this?!
  24. Covering church fellows provided with time for memorial slab
  25. Agency worker taking time signified outspoken attitude
  26. They may help to recall mobile Maria wrecked
  27. A broadcaster in Ireland, female, almost a goddess
  28. Most hare-brained guy meeting restrictions on entering street
  29. Continue after all others
  30. Place for Jacob's ladder, not hotel plant
  31. Fuss about vocal, never ending, Green?
  32. Wet rubbish? Female in the morning collects a great deal
  33. Competitor making mistake, not quite among the top people
  34. Suitable carpet oddly overlooked
  35. Resort everyone rejected — Northern failure? No
  36. Spaniard to make departure twice?
  37. Publicity, limitless, from computers etc that's skilful
  38. Number in company excessively audible
  39. British school language
  40. Protester did wrong breaking into vehicle behind back of school
  41. Boy in love is in clover
  42. New aid in coma — it's found in proteins
  43. Discourteous when daughter leaves leading to regret
  44. One making a song and dance, these days, always going on
  45. Gulped, giving brief account of what happened when tooth came out?
  46. Pay for exhibition area at fair
  47. Fruit woman got, partly missing
  48. Continue to be someone foolish
  49. Feeble or calm and collected?
  50. Jewellery item — severe reprimand when directions are reversed
  51. With noted talent for "Oklahoma!” say?
  52. Seek changes in accommodation for minister and be reasonable
  53. The foreign boozer, little house in the country
  54. Open all the time after resistance ended at front
  55. Set against warrant officer, everyone appears insignificant?
  56. Bishop getting uncomfortable becomes spiteful
  57. After time more unusual accepted learner's young child
  58. Survive in the open before bad turns