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  1. Scene of action initially settled on years before
  2. County with appeal for basic accommodation
  3. Roofing material in yonder church
  4. Leading in platoon, prepared for further advance
  5. Source of bananas, a blessing for a monkey
  6. Barrier damaged best coal
  7. Judge a pain in the neck mostly about immigrant's case
  8. An inspired suggestion?
  9. Member overcome by English youth leader's lament
  10. Capable 1950s youth keeping a fast
  11. Artwork from film projecting feature on grammar school
  12. A strange perennial plant
  13. Put the lid on canopy over engine that's growing hot
  14. Bird in grass is kingfisher
  15. A number one turn, time and time again
  16. Parasite from horse burrowing into poor titmice
  17. Corpulent ship's officer embracing large fellow lodger
  18. Race Elizabeth and Nicholas are holding together
  19. Brute rounds on pretentious toff
  20. Edible part of grain for breakfast, say?
  21. Parts of China party?
  22. Start making an impression having landed work on ship
  23. Get satirists performing curse
  24. Wee drink before a stage production, perhaps
  25. Celebrity giving eastern servant a rise
  26. Show over, gather before Conference
  27. Fanatic read dictionary? Not all of it!
  28. Waylay a doctor with American husband
  29. Given handle, stir, with pole, a lot of water
  30. He painted first of infants captured by giant
  31. Man finally delving into poor Tracey's lineage
  32. The cheapest promotion for this tablet?
  33. Nothing put forward in musketeer's pledges
  34. Knight accommodated in fashionable lodging-place
  35. Crucial-sounding place for handling ship's cargo
  36. No pained reactions arise after a fainting
  37. Collided with back of enormous goods vehicle
  38. Raucous Indian in school yard
  39. Arrival of notice archdeacon originally typed
  40. Popular pro
  41. Singer's unhappy attempt to cross river
  42. Song bird relies on following it around
  43. Boyfriend's part of East London, we hear
  44. Son, having drawn on pot, gets fired
  45. Cutting insignificant church visits
  46. Charge girl for herbaceous plant
  47. Happy choirboys ultimately leading fabulous, special sort of life
  48. Motorists about to leave home finally choose somewhere in France
  49. Carriage entrance is for picking up only
  50. Dismiss party protecting Northern Ireland
  51. Polish local back on the game
  52. English girl's last but one composition for jazz interval
  53. Ineptly act a son of Noah
  54. Grass sent up for ruminants