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11-June-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Summons intelligence to overcome resistance
  2. Very earnest, wounded old soldiers
  3. Insurance details, perhaps for specific little picture?
  4. Sportsman taking a bow
  5. China's upset after Russia's leader tucked into their Chairman's liqueur
  6. Promoted after firm's sudden success
  7. Girl eaten by cannibal
  8. Unreliable character's beginning on witness stand
  9. Finally agree on new price formula
  10. Labouring under really grim illness at the outset — this one?
  11. Plan one's manoeuvring to capture old emperor
  12. A duck eating a catch
  13. Offering French wine during performance
  14. Following marriage, one moved elsewhere — being inclined to fight?
  15. It holds up a top Order
  16. High, high point? It gives a buzz in recreation
  17. Gall on tree — fine to eat a fruit
  18. Exploits fish to make dairy drink
  19. Nice line taken by one beginning on astronomy in Oxford college
  20. A pint perhaps for the doorman
  21. Light rent reduced with support of church
  22. Ready in less than minute?
  23. Very good to avoid moronic boss
  24. Vermin back at church for carbohydrate
  25. Dog swallowing unknown quantities? One's an idle creature
  26. River's wiggly line
  27. Very small, like the prong of a fork?
  28. Pass entrance exam in unusual show of actual merit
  29. Boy engaged with a piece of music
  30. Confined: out of prison at last, went straight
  31. Listening, means to check for bad weather
  32. Abroad, busy excelling
  33. Control, say, brought into sport recently
  34. After ten years, good books decaying
  35. Diplomatic behaviour, heading off legislation
  36. A few find wooer not crazy
  37. One adding sentence in Gershwin number
  38. One SE Asian in hot area — mountain range
  39. Powerless mass accepting military leader's stand-in
  40. One clamping down on wickedness
  41. Keen on India article being dumped by international body
  42. Rapidly acquire garden tool at home
  43. People like you to look adult, not callow again, ultimately
  44. Curtailed complex argument in school
  45. Set of documents: may it be at your fingertips?
  46. Harry Potter most about one person displaying spectacles?
  47. Sailor chasing duck, suggesting absence of duties
  48. Without hesitation, enter corner and get involved
  49. Covering man carrying weapon
  50. Schedule includes a lot from bombastic leader of service
  51. Sonata, perhaps, large in sound — one of the later movements?
  52. Politician perceived to bewilder
  53. Love story about Democrat — it's a classic?