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12-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Girl in work in a chiropodist's concern
  2. Uncared-for state's new elite around top of government
  3. Cover over swimming pool
  4. After year in London college, monk is messing up old genetic theory
  5. Bird dropping fine maggot and caterpillar
  6. Yeah, we organised shout at rodeos
  7. Shows off extremely faithful relatives
  8. Carried on having weekly-paid job
  9. Certainly, yours truly is not concerned about current dog
  10. Matter about wise man looking up constellation
  11. Injured Cuban, lame, collected in this?
  12. Permitted to remove top, very bad
  13. Vision of latter half of hadj?
  14. Signify assent, given sweet dessert? Negative reply
  15. Fashioned model tiara, created to fit
  16. Expert wrong to pick up cards
  17. Dog old police force rejected
  18. I am in place, I note, round London district
  19. Those people's time with the next in line
  20. Stiff outfit I had
  21. Injunction about little house in high country
  22. I count as angry
  23. Part of book that may come out in the theatre
  24. Prone to try for concessions in confrontation
  25. Publicity about period radio device
  26. Odds-on mercenary destroyed school in the past
  27. Horse eating tip of yew was in agony
  28. In old heaps, wild flower
  29. Noble reduced allowance astrologer is after
  30. Covers students' union over black mark
  31. Perhaps US door guard has missed second approach
  32. Entitlement, OK?
  33. Mere game
  34. Clothier's forbidden more trim
  35. Monaco uncovered separate charge as an instalment
  36. Joker, one accompanying a footballer
  37. Are they found in top of tree in loch?
  38. Much of significance about lake pigment
  39. Get irritated with mist coming off the sea
  40. Tucking hard into alcohol, daughter complained peevishly
  41. Glad it can be twisted round one of the fingers
  42. Put own employee under house arrest to retain capability
  43. Magazine I'm not involved in?
  44. Engine inventor is to cut deal?
  45. Assess price of electrical connection to be very expensive
  46. Wildly annoyed — relieving drug found
  47. Although anything but a fool, a good person in passing
  48. Take liberty to see if dress fits
  49. Shortly announce a piece of data
  50. How stamps can be posted — about five pairs with article
  51. Holiday camp that is barely visited
  52. Like bad housing, oh dear, after much economic downturn
  53. What's taking place in First Empire times
  54. Perhaps Egyptian's day in a prison