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12-January-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Meaner pugilist using wrong side of fist
  2. 220-yard run with golf shot
  3. Emphasised fantastic des res on street
  4. Freed from other responsibilities primarily during duty days
  5. Snitch irate to be missing tips
  6. Confirm return of top-class racing with ideal setting
  7. Hated vicar I escorted
  8. Man's close relative leading parrot
  9. Willow tree somehow rose around one
  10. Rabble drained particularly potent brew
  11. Note lass is like a queen!
  12. A German pursuing extremely rich banker locally
  13. I'm pursuing figure immediately
  14. Queen, say, regularly represented in charts
  15. Go off with a tank and yellow digger
  16. Not quite intimate
  17. On reflection it failed to get straightened out
  18. Nothing taken from a month's provision toasted with cheese
  19. Beer barrel a German holds
  20. Again correct poor Dieter
  21. Trait shown by English pet tucking into meal with sauce
  22. Transport ruminants, about 54
  23. At first, rent handled in old money
  24. When speaking, leaves puddings
  25. Record-holder, somewhat egotistical, bumptious
  26. Menial career collecting rubbish Jack disposed of
  27. Young fish always crossing lake
  28. Extremity one struggles to cut?
  29. Nervous crossing peak, in need of a pick-me-up
  30. Detective Inspector had led corrupt swindle
  31. Penalties restricting overseas party funds
  32. Putting bible back, I can't suspect authority of church
  33. Dull hosts run trading centre
  34. Even risks reversing American vessel into position
  35. A fine feminine capacity for kindliness?
  36. Regret penning English verse for show
  37. Someone sticking nose in fruit, by the sound of it
  38. Labour candidate finally producing fine material
  39. Painting efficiently's a boring source of income?
  40. Good length bindweed regularly and effortlessly moved
  41. Title adopted by British author's a clever one
  42. Closed group, as requested
  43. Inaccurate piracies of works as published
  44. Entertains Rex, say, with beers
  45. Plan second church straddling border
  46. Bog plant Rod tore in a frenzy
  47. To hit hard, experienced hands move like this
  48. Right to declare one's a partygoer
  49. Sharing problems aboard?
  50. Poet and old priest to back
  51. Drastically alter letter from Greek gallery
  52. Vagrant finally failing to find public transport
  53. Fancy man in particular supporting wife
  54. European pleased to find info online
  55. Sailor's dark waterproof coat
  56. Drug-injecting worker in need of dough's a mug
  57. Old priest first to finish pork pie
  58. Stage in endlessly severe horse race