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  1. This used to set Raleigh off on travels
  2. Stash stuff in cellar, above a street
  3. Dagger bound in the end to irritate
  4. Tries, in the front row, for Australian pack
  5. Vintage rite involved sharp dressing
  6. Mountain system with little access ultimately
  7. Nothing sailor can do ultimately stops preparation for it
  8. Maybe old Bill's John's successor
  9. Go immediately after this long-range spring forecast
  10. English saint, one associated with a European republic
  11. Didn't manage everything, finishing early delivery
  12. After interference, fail in move to stop slide?
  13. Enthusiastic Judean king abandoning first daughter
  14. Murder victim of some capability, so to speak
  15. Herb's occasion for speaking?
  16. Monsieur did fish, and so did butcher
  17. Element provided by fellow Lithuanian?
  18. Bearing gifts, roughly speaking?
  19. Partner once having had a vacation cut short is free
  20. Equip professor's position, providing comfortable seat
  21. I might be carried off when picked up
  22. Portion of baked food served around City
  23. Pressure put on US mobile psychiatric unit facility
  24. State of planes in navy manoeuvres
  25. Departs stern and miserable
  26. Straggly beard on a Scotsman, one from the Granite City
  27. Buy bigger piano as addition to jazz and country club?
  28. Welcome athletic achievement by one showing a bit of a leg
  29. Legal official in particular region never without books?
  30. Surgeon grabs tip of nice long pointed object
  31. Musical, variable one, about Perth hospital area nurses
  32. Welsh moaning disturbed female across the border
  33. Girl who's got people gunning for me?
  34. Be as one initially scared by series of echoes — then you kick yourself?
  35. Line in cookery books, maybe, was intensely illuminating
  36. In religious house, cultivate liliaceous plant
  37. Raving intolerantly to a sponsor of good causes
  38. Expect answers when buttonholing head of intelligence
  39. Idle endlessly in 6 square
  40. In time, gastarbeiter's a household name!
  41. Dog requiring two portions of food?
  42. Acquired grand place for Ruth and Samuel
  43. Log a builder finally used in home improvements
  44. Some chose the right anaesthetic
  45. Most idiotic time to take short bow, on reflection
  46. Copy key first — and do a runner!
  47. Unscrupulous dealer people of substance rejected
  48. Perversely, went for another ending to latest film
  49. Harsh member of clergy rising in diocese
  50. Algae from half of lake unexplored up in the middle
  51. Eg boxer's gentle progress to track leftist?
  52. Wife who survived a year with bishop
  53. Coat with a small amount of white spirit?
  54. Suitable program originally on internet location