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12-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Mrs Norman, say, rebuffed a title
  2. Reading this is a touching experience
  3. E.g. Bradbury with an innovative story
  4. Duck or chicken perhaps following wise bird
  5. Under most favourable circumstances, second grade in an exam
  6. Drop of beer knocked back
  7. Gold transaction a severe test
  8. Chance to work at ice-cold inn
  9. Bring in pot that's picked up
  10. All the letters, or not quite two?
  11. Modest about home gleaming
  12. A fan of eastern religion wanting silence
  13. Reversal of current change
  14. Uselessness of water company for one after onset of freeze
  15. Disadvantage of ward?
  16. Hesitate to accept current surrender
  17. Bland individual wholly bowled over by avant-garde
  18. Dog runs away from miner
  19. Stick with Labour leader? It's a problem for member
  20. Ditch royal bearer of food
  21. A Russian fighter, old friend
  22. Subsistence in lodgings containing study, say
  23. Assumed warmth's from part of bulb around high piece of wood
  24. Cooperate to act and dance
  25. Big Eddy's out of line and ultimately lacking genius
  26. Lacking will to embrace right American way
  27. Northern home, one almost dark
  28. Catch sun by desert palm
  29. Wanting to drop off old coins, carrying burden
  30. Money that keeps value: coins rather than notes?
  31. Rises in pressure routine in America
  32. Spies have trapped extremely emotional girl
  33. Renown from remarkable result
  34. Impertinent rogue never associated with trial
  35. Bob up in wave foam — fantastic!
  36. Take care, as Good King Wenceslas did?
  37. In Slough, swimming pool is the worse for use
  38. Alas, poetry set him off
  39. A session of football, Henry against Alfred
  40. Belated attempt to raise legitimate issue?
  41. Something very sugary has little pastry
  42. Paul for one has job at length in A&E
  43. Irregular army tour departed here?
  44. Style so retro for male with comb
  45. Forgotten, so impossible to cancel
  46. Some fantasy, as seen from the right texts
  47. Free agent returned letter
  48. Ruin course of meal
  49. Look the wrong way for honour
  50. Mostly criminal men punching mug or suckers
  51. Message that's short and sentimentally sweet
  52. Without order, entity lazily moves one three places back