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  1. Night light to display behind dish briefly
  2. Have riches perhaps in a vault
  3. Wear for the first time fashion clothing line
  4. No sailor alights on isle
  5. The writer's regret about old city's corrupt constituent
  6. Articles dipped in warm salt water that nanny did?
  7. Men, splitting apart, strangely maintaining correspondence
  8. Short change perfect pest
  9. Nurse working after pains located around sick body part
  10. Cautious taking dangerous bends
  11. God is here ultimately to provide uplift
  12. Liquid hotter — not running
  13. Swedish-American star almost in dress
  14. Obligation to accommodate politician after seat, his disastrously lost
  15. Vessel having rope at bow in tangle
  16. Admitting nothing in crash, I paid out for the other driver
  17. Boy who's lost both parents, or lacking sight of one of them?
  18. Engaging in local tour, turned ahead to progress slowly in Crosby?
  19. Leading vehicle has to compete with top retracted
  20. Do bird? Third time, not second, for conman
  21. Lived in luxury endlessly in Datchet's outskirts
  22. Trouble with heart? Here's comfort in retirement!
  23. Liberator's shame is recollected
  24. Strict at all times in case of sabotage
  25. Deservedly get to cover number one in music chart again
  26. Element turning stomach in clergyman losing work
  27. Novel touching and useless because without chapter
  28. Report men wearing stockings: caught in the act!
  29. Eastern sea creature shedding tail in Spring
  30. One going aloft in ship under the wind
  31. A bit of a laugh with one in credit control meeting
  32. Reporter's cardinal sin, dropping in plugs
  33. Artist in decline — could depression cause this?
  34. Children that may be taken where there's disagreement?
  35. European move abroad to unseat good foreign government
  36. Jogger encountered on the Champs-Elysees?
  37. Visit, at home, one indebted to doctor for energy and strength
  38. Fuel the very thing needed in an ancient Balkan location
  39. Society girl pursuing house party organiser
  40. Musical flourish modified signals at party
  41. Demand huge amount to power our planet?
  42. Like a hand recalling web designers?
  43. Diver in vehicle test on craft circling lake
  44. Mountain pass on ring road constructed in state
  45. Doing well in Duke of Milan's university
  46. Draws line under reason for basic principles
  47. Let out room Oscar has got in a state
  48. Spectacular performance where learner breaks cover
  49. Places to go and see? Not exactly
  50. Secret meeting with Tory and Liberal inside underground chamber
  51. Fellow celebrity
  52. Serious in backing learned person to become an idol
  53. Whale epithet also adapted for this football chant?
  54. One's hardest defeat: on the floor!
  55. Principal director brings in northern chap to make money abroad
  56. Odd trip south coach can take
  57. Exile concerned with stale atmosphere vacated enclosure
  58. Large American trucks transporting new phones
  59. It's dangerous to consume canned beef
  60. Here one may find shops are opened by scoundrel
  61. Potential trouble coming from deranged relatives son supports
  62. Coward's acts, as it happens, concealed by soldiers
  63. Try hard to catch glimpse of Romeo — stick around
  64. Loss expert acting as receiver for chemical company
  65. Sound introduction to science encyclopedia?
  66. Closer minders so upset with order to protect stronghold
  67. Be unused, perhaps, to rage
  68. Likely to notice retainer having departed?
  69. Too much here to be taken out of context — remember?
  70. Repair of concrete fencing not everyone wanted at first
  71. Cosmetic procedure for legendary friar
  72. Contract that's far-sighted
  73. Man's excellent knowledge about British regiment in border area
  74. Worker at lodge stores wood and food
  75. Absurd and mad to toss away shilling
  76. Barker grabbing little Mexican food
  77. Regressive boy wrecked last old reformatory
  78. Almost endure consuming American spread
  79. King who sang by accident's heard in three countries
  80. Brutish sort, throwing back thin plate
  81. Belong essentially out there? On the contrary!
  82. Happy home deity to constrain old ghosts
  83. Style shown by Labour's leader in European city
  84. Somewhat overwhelmed by Balmoral, maybe, finding the place haunted
  85. Republican, accompanied by venomous types, speaks hoarsely
  86. Add to men relieving us in some 31 days?
  87. Saw things in Société Ethnologique?
  88. Gather tea's brought up in the morning
  89. An element of revulsion after personnel turned away
  90. Endeavour by arrangement to have superb small pianos