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13-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. US state — limits to unspoilt area here initially
  2. Skilled worker is appearing in Scots gear, concealing head
  3. French bread suffering
  4. Leader cut from newspaper picked up in House
  5. Tip I have cut for salad plant
  6. Sad to shed feathers
  7. Prison critic?
  8. Cards not contributing ace to run?
  9. Identify flag and goal
  10. Guffaw unrefined, by the sound of it?
  11. Extract extremely abridged article, something cut at an early stage
  12. The best work, note, saying nothing
  13. Giant tucking into burrito, greedy
  14. Fashion house, we hear?
  15. List of nightspots, say, representing total car usage
  16. Bug picking up interesting conversations?
  17. Separate and distinct group
  18. Largely prosper in securing this unusual kitchen item
  19. Humble pensioner dancing with tutu!
  20. Turned in, occupying bed after knocking back medicine
  21. Hard to support senior officer's weapon
  22. Battle with ninjas oddly in European city
  23. Tough couple moving into Arkansas, America
  24. Science and the MD, I fancy, seen in supply of drugs
  25. Twelve, not a soul short
  26. Accused in ballroom, finally, after disrupting disco, for example
  27. Swirling fog later with fading light
  28. Comprehensive school's head emotionally upset
  29. Pay attention, River Humber's opening up
  30. Reserve covered by boss over conclusion of enquiry
  31. Ready, remove first from trash
  32. Indicators of further commentary crucial to no believers.
  33. Diggers passed, juddering
  34. Inside winter vehicle, poor journalist tied up
  35. Vegetable? Go to consume the lot
  36. Correct international measure of stature about Queen
  37. Success that may rise or fall
  38. However difficult, hospital included
  39. It's meant to stop you going at any rate
  40. Symbol of Netherlands amongst group of countries shown by European poem
  41. Bird touring Spain mistaken for dog
  42. Particular group may be performers with energy
  43. Finger finally entering sauce quickly
  44. French paper shortened writer's latest work? That's sweet
  45. Country hoarding gold, all there is to see?
  46. Some relaxing atmosphere sadly can't start to redeem dining venue
  47. Fast horse — second, moving to first — hunter, perhaps
  48. Before end of sale, object reserved
  49. Experimental promotion backed including a quantity of information
  50. Place overlooked in film star's series
  51. Ultimately jubilant welcome with Asian country