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13-September-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Sexually pure son consumed by constant loathing
  2. Maintain agreement must have right to replace name
  3. Country artist occupying home
  4. Ultimate catch
  5. Hoard money, it's said
  6. IT expert breaking the ice
  7. Corrosive agent mostly leading to spasmodic twitching
  8. In Paris she accepts call ultimately for skilled workman
  9. Pasta served up in Turin or a campsite?
  10. Dire photos misrepresented ministers collectively
  11. Distant object associated with girl's old bike
  12. Move swiftly in profession
  13. Bible-bashing woman inspiring saintly girl in the end
  14. Odd place to store cargo, putting learner in complete control
  15. Curb control, securing backing for cultural pursuits
  16. Declare arrival of girl — not much to follow
  17. Letter introducing recent catalogues for certain collectors
  18. Main cloak worn by Seurat at first for painting
  19. Idiot biting girl's head off
  20. Most important part of US soldier's time
  21. Quiet, slippery character pinching king's money
  22. Taught English journalist about old European coin
  23. Number of winding route in low-lying area
  24. Outrageous tirade after standard's shown
  25. Study dance, having postponed payment once
  26. Only remaining part of a shoemaker's equipment
  27. Weekend day — is overseeing workplace? OK
  28. Behave stoically, but let the bile out
  29. Somewhat papal, a ceremonial building, impressive
  30. Not quite finished bringing up fruit
  31. Sicilian shepherd about to go north on island
  32. Endless recceing by peacekeepers around east
  33. New rosette marks outstanding piece of skill
  34. Potentially moving article thus containing inferior material
  35. Language once used in school at Inverness?
  36. Make mistake with task
  37. Overturned cart in enclosed ground
  38. Clock surmounting management's information site
  39. Cake served in City retreat
  40. Call time in school
  41. Rise that has Charlie opening fashionable branch of business
  42. Heads of lodge in extremely distinctive clothing
  43. Continue to cause a commotion
  44. Players on tour one left stranded?
  45. Northern listener close by
  46. Principled old American curls up awkwardly at first
  47. At the outset seemingly anxious for everyone to be secure
  48. False report prison to be located over a road
  49. Corrupt French nobleman in Canterbury, perhaps
  50. "The Saint” unexpectedly wavering
  51. Retreat regularly visited for period