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14-January-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Caedmon's central character in Old English verse
  2. New expedition from east of London to secure Kentish garden centre?
  3. Recalled best mark
  4. Who works on toes held by footballer in agony
  5. Bird that hurts gerbil's tail
  6. City and Italian city-dweller about to appear in US city? Magic
  7. Contract excluding wife's tax
  8. Popular commercial with gent missing good chance?
  9. Useless writer is shown up in it
  10. In time to keep river out of public view
  11. Radio announcement's to recognise a worry: coastal fog
  12. Note lithe mountaineer
  13. One with particular interest in offering ready supply
  14. Motor-racing company accepting a second disaster
  15. Time with former lovers consuming Frenchman's cuisine
  16. The woman Basil cut short?
  17. What's in tea tent — to be this?
  18. Require time during unusual dissection of alien
  19. Uncontrollable oil gush — hot and revolting
  20. Twisting in roots is unusual
  21. Flower spread gets trophy
  22. Great to keep remaining Northern soldiers in control
  23. Hasty and careless entry for cup goes adrift
  24. Meat for haggis, perhaps no longer fresh — a pound
  25. Promoter of diet, say, in the forefront
  26. Horse covering miles in search
  27. Clear I'd got wrapped up in incident
  28. Difficult enough after losing answer in guide
  29. Opening for Surrey, vital to get on this?
  30. Subject to go for mostly
  31. Think back regarding main road south into French city
  32. Cultured person losing head
  33. A change of insides — ref is on top of it
  34. Decorator's accessory: staff retaining piece to copy
  35. European city that never sleeps? Not quite
  36. Individual going East
  37. Get into American's heart, not cold
  38. Singer, very good, keeping musical work organised
  39. GP, say, keeping various items around the house
  40. Bar manager from sounding out popular goalie
  41. Avoiding alcohol, having gone without can
  42. Friend in the US, one not yet out
  43. Bad to rent — bad
  44. Call back about fire in the sky
  45. Sons press for big increase
  46. Fantastic being regularly well-off
  47. Theater, the last word in comfort originally, heading west
  48. Important for pit not to be empty
  49. Officiate live, following pressure
  50. Unconscious in fight, getting head struck
  51. Acclaim, losing no time
  52. Take another look at American's 100% overpayment
  53. Professional baritone upset one being tried out
  54. Disapprobation over simple-minded besieging University
  55. High-minded headmaster dismissing a limited version of education?