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14-June-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Get rid of deliveries on Thursday before argument
  2. Ancestor of mine: the fellow isn't able to get personnel work
  3. Turning up an inheritance, bet deliberately
  4. Former board member, Yankee, not in the book
  5. Problem with cold vehicle needing to keep Jack hot
  6. Pure alcohol, very popular to imbibe it
  7. Provoke Scottish footballers coming out of their shell
  8. Swede delivered around start of January
  9. Not abroad bearing case
  10. Writer finished with gold stars
  11. Youth shy to admit blunder
  12. Peg is to pour, missing out Mark
  13. Blue team member
  14. Member or Leader of Parliament, say
  15. Goes round yelling at first, claiming I'm filthy ...
  16. About to retweet sharp response
  17. Peels bananas with fast, misjudged motion
  18. Hotel do breaks: it's what the climber needs
  19. Green sort of water sent back
  20. Unorthodox letters from Aethelric
  21. A lubricant he's given out, not very generous
  22. Its entrants are bound to stagger, cheered in old country
  23. Covered in snow, he really is impossible to find!
  24. Protective coating putting stop to poisoner
  25. Swallow picked up playfully
  26. Topless Russian camper
  27. Run from church in warm coat
  28. Arm wrapped around free jam
  29. Rest of ridge covering about 500 metres in China
  30. Colditz prisoner, perhaps, with little hesitation, might
  31. Plan to get great pies brought round
  32. Small person perceiving one who removes coat
  33. Excited, maybe, preparing to answer quiz question?
  34. Line up in entrance to give twirl
  35. Mist dispersing in eatery where corn is found
  36. Copy record covers wrapped in cloth
  37. Hawk and wren Margo trained
  38. Drag worn by right church organist
  39. Middle Easterner vexed about a disturbance
  40. ... and not what's expected, not quite
  41. Punches landed also, we hear
  42. Astute playwright shortened kind of speech
  43. Sara, bickering, holds tongue
  44. Unaccompanied chap's sides split by joke?
  45. Off and on, Natasha gives exclamation of pleasure
  46. Capital place to see the animals here!
  47. Subjective report on hip turning around
  48. Little bird, just beat it!
  49. Wife, roughly as old as us, taking heart from the bottle?
  50. Garment fastener comes with a warning
  51. Rugby player's support for part of hospital
  52. Sort of theatre for traveller
  53. Continent's cold precipitation
  54. Appraise report of the writer, not lying