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14-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Inexperienced competitor on river, is one's concern great?
  2. Move rider's head on horseback — put his foot here
  3. Thick end in actual counterargument
  4. Star soldier, God of war
  5. Country, note, surrounded by water
  6. Strong smell from small fish
  7. Coming across fish, old mog fed
  8. In sport, time is going fast
  9. Family member seeing changing of the guard
  10. One moving quickly to secrete objects, petty larcenist primarily?
  11. Fine total
  12. Overshadow cuts within Europe's borders
  13. Some training relative needs to pen sheep
  14. Stretch too far above ladder
  15. Farewell speech originally without conclusion?
  16. Fate of man whose wife turned to salt
  17. Desirable to roll up sail, out to drop anchor?
  18. Icy shower is welcome
  19. Old saint put in mature, clever reply
  20. Avoid nothing
  21. Part of rarely seen French palace
  22. Plant life no better, all ending the wrong way for animal
  23. Those people in front of English subject
  24. Small and sweet, one's eyed
  25. Adoption of English as a second language involving power over America
  26. Old king and tiresome infants initially play together
  27. Parisian's one in favour to receive furniture, to be remembered always
  28. Trader more vulgar, might you say?
  29. Composition of lines displayed regularly by pro team
  30. Fix trouble — check parts fit
  31. Twice cook dead bird
  32. Bury broadcast or put in continuity break
  33. Case of demoiselle being into drink, is this?
  34. Doctor on call : exactly the same?
  35. Silly duke at the back of the boat
  36. Overwhelming success gets recounted ultimately in fiction
  37. I speed up and give impromptu, impressing conductor finally, Italian maestro
  38. Stick contents of bulges out
  39. Architect left residing in loathsome country home?
  40. Expect trouble — from a catfight?
  41. Overpriced establishment, bit common
  42. Unemotional lives go by, one likely to interrupt romantic meeting
  43. Insect finding crumb on each set of books
  44. Orchestral movement not working, give in
  45. After referendum, it's unknown who wants a cracker?
  46. One complaining when footballer's grabbed hard
  47. Tool commercials on the radio
  48. Through the ear, visitor took a shot
  49. Breathe, stirring hot soothing drink?
  50. Unsettled year when in no particular place
  51. Snatch and rip off fastener
  52. Latter half of erotic spasm
  53. Problem children
  54. Overworked forger might have this problem in holding pen