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14-September-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Clean motorway entrance
  2. Charming French city
  3. Prevent one with little hesitation inhaling initially untested gas
  4. Chewing the fat, all finally understand
  5. Every bit invested in liquid — there's money in it
  6. University's in lead by a stroke, switching bars a few times?
  7. Picture one before game, excited
  8. Cricketer's ability contagious
  9. Private Eye doctored, so some people say
  10. Selfish activity got pier destroyed
  11. Old S American resident's mad to avoid climb-down
  12. Dairy product beating the very best
  13. Face, regularly, Spain's German guards, and shoot back
  14. MI6 has met up in period of inaction
  15. Aintree discombobulated colt
  16. Card put back inside uppermost part of boot
  17. Hawk circling Rhode Island's visitor
  18. At home Hilary maybe accepts current stopgap
  19. Correct a method immediately
  20. Recorder, say, with order to capture popular street spirit
  21. Robin Hood's band announced time for revelry
  22. Land: uphill track into promontory
  23. Myrrh's thrown over European scribes such as McGonagall
  24. Old ascetic service boss jails city revolutionary
  25. What might emerge from flower could pass quickly
  26. Note Pavarotti possibly heard?
  27. Bend old sail over that's small and elegant
  28. Undoing northeastern disorder inspires India
  29. Critical moment taking in probe that's malfunctioning
  30. George Eliot, say, used pony oddly at start of Middlemarch
  31. One playing with toys, liar
  32. Relish server's last word?
  33. Vessel, one empty — small boat
  34. This crossword setter tore off — a streaker?
  35. Man City upset about the Italian's aggression
  36. US president in English city
  37. Language in Jaipur, Dutch!
  38. One running shows eastern medal with elaborate rim
  39. Motor race, blooming thing
  40. Publication is to take action
  41. Tell class about Spanish article
  42. Sign first
  43. Profitable data cut in France once
  44. Shielded by poplar, chestnut tree
  45. Somehow Mrs King must win holiday gear for Mr King
  46. An officer in Ypres played old instrument
  47. Greek character is beginning to perk up
  48. Aircraftman leaves in two litres of milk
  49. Modern weapon protects individual on each island
  50. Different order that has evidently reversed, first of all
  51. Fugitive girl receives warning, the first of two
  52. Cross river clutching medic, one who's hard to grasp?
  53. Greek commander soon conceals ploy — the end of Priam
  54. Organ observed filled with pulp, oddly