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15-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Showing due respect to Channel islands over hard water area
  2. So to hers excitedly around nine in cowboy gear?
  3. Public transport: alternative to a submarine?
  4. Philosopher works?
  5. Order for copter to stop flying in German island
  6. Donor doesn't ever, ice being broken
  7. Wartime operation ended by Kitchener, perhaps
  8. Unhappy about hard run
  9. The issue of hoax comes to an end
  10. Husband and wife coping with tailing vehicle moving in the outback
  11. Musical note no good — alas for this?
  12. Captivated woman, married, going with our boss at The Times?
  13. Water in a boggy place, mostly
  14. Venomous snake in scarlet made harsh sounds
  15. Feline, extra large, around New York, returning
  16. Part of film is material for audience
  17. Mostly opposing abortion, I note, having had many children?
  18. Promoted in the end, you chattered idly
  19. Some returned in carriage
  20. Quick and effective line out of Dutch city
  21. Not fleshy, object when having bottom pinched
  22. Fan is something you cast in river
  23. Stone, plastic or zinc
  24. Disadvantage with very good pen
  25. As likely heir, perhaps, led set astray
  26. For mine, aluminium is wastefully extravagant
  27. Stand across from top amusement park attraction
  28. What might grow in garden, or in cave, unusually
  29. Progressive splitting around in-patients' toilet?
  30. Bank handsome victory on beach?
  31. Follows sailor, providing a bright night light
  32. Enduring bachelor involved in giving help
  33. Not captured outside Mons initially is correct
  34. Uninspiring expert thus penning article
  35. Terribly artsy Romeo with many famous actors
  36. Knowing bachelor is bound to be high up in church
  37. Lay next to a character from Athens
  38. Arrive holding prize dessert dish
  39. US detective and British ones upset king
  40. Move up, prior to creating miscellany
  41. Republican leads top-secret rolling review
  42. Concerned with permit to collect vehicle being suitable
  43. Part for ukelele an orchestra gives girl
  44. Torch English home — note what then appears?
  45. Traditional performer: one pulling sledge after car?
  46. Many held briefly, improperly, in Wilts RAF base
  47. Story by Scheherazade, perhaps, nearly a real treasure
  48. One who's affected position over Europe
  49. Cricket side the best ever? That's public knowledge
  50. Diamond in box king left queen
  51. Mean storm follows hail
  52. Expression of disapproval at uniform skirt