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15-September-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. President's cut, receiving a wound
  2. Put down drink
  3. Mike cored apple in wood
  4. Provider of beer that's less fattening
  5. Strictly routine is one making others go to work on an egg, severally
  6. Small son retaining very French accent
  7. Being spiteful about bridge couple — charming
  8. New York speciality to grate into curd cheese
  9. Some para inevitably drops from sky
  10. Miner and former Conservative mostly drinking wine
  11. Lord to leave with daughter
  12. A delay over celebration
  13. Back winner
  14. Earthquake activity exists in half of built-up area
  15. Chopped meat Charlie dumped in pit
  16. Mock name for the common herd
  17. Have a meal with holiday money
  18. Picture educational establishment with convict for member
  19. Essentially a nasty threat
  20. Composer seen in November gathering
  21. Cosmetic used in Madras nowadays
  22. See church featured in OED is replaced
  23. Drunken pirate provided opening shot
  24. Good article about my one hymn
  25. Fish young bear has found hard to eat
  26. Narrow victory keeping father excited
  27. A scale showing quantity
  28. Lavish volume of drink with large kebab, too, ordered
  29. Slow walker ignoring learner driver's signal
  30. Honourable leading Tories?
  31. Soviet minister gets second great deal over extracting erbium
  32. Flag with damage carried by European vessel
  33. Delegate stuck in river
  34. Indistinguishable dialect in broadcast
  35. Means of entry during rental period
  36. 100 in clear section of road is perhaps working for many?
  37. He has dog rolling barrel
  38. Spades have lodged in the ground
  39. Figure university is in bad condition
  40. Capital generated in two American states
  41. Roll with end of loaf
  42. Tissue transplant is hard work
  43. Trouble means taking in youth with a scooter
  44. Street vendor one clearing throat?
  45. Almost an admission some of us exist for sport
  46. Love having dispute about vessel
  47. Obscure period without Sun and Times?
  48. Kicks gin to get going
  49. Say Snoopy battles Red Baron in these?
  50. On reflection, humour brings unpleasant fate
  51. What holds water in a raised lock, not following English river
  52. Nation appears in Kremlin dialogue
  53. Harry rowed around one strange fish
  54. Unfortunately, we'd Irish setters who control all we do
  55. Comedy clubs cutting price of going
  56. Dram from non-drinker getting round in