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16-September-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Victim of Achilles' heel is wretched one in confined area
  2. Keen on running water, if about substitutes for hard drink
  3. At intervals, they appear very excited
  4. Golf in November, chosen for lack of action
  5. Dates in Rome — November 1 and 1st of September
  6. Way to get rid of bead collection?
  7. Lead in edible parts of asparagus and cabbage
  8. Twice supporting chief on crime, defending Old Bill
  9. Cocktail — or bigger animal's other end?
  10. Code of conduct in transport concealed nothing
  11. Nothing left in neck after cutting fabric
  12. Style of page with answer in final letter, in triplicate
  13. Requisite messages sent? I already received this
  14. Coarse man about to snare dark lady
  15. Losing out, wants to see every other pair going native in US?
  16. Our close relatives guzzle fruit cups
  17. Who found a way to treasure a liberal and an arts graduate?
  18. Abroad, get in spa with last of yummy mummies?
  19. Supplying information during struggle to limit disastrous cut
  20. Drive to install green furnishings
  21. Animal Crackers, part one
  22. Fraternity man welcomes retired personnel
  23. Stone removed from grander workshop
  24. Inspection of space in microwaves?
  25. Where plane flies and displays speed
  26. As Iago, exposed in the earlier cost to Moor
  27. Recall most of way out stuff
  28. Discharge ambassador with funny clothing
  29. Record one Roman statesman's written about Arabian concerned with punishment
  30. Mysterious items drunkard brought in front of Edward Heath
  31. Case of elder wine was off
  32. Bank even holding concession back
  33. Unwaveringly faithful rabbi — not his impostor!
  34. Flirted almost randomly, which isn't important
  35. Closed in thus, refusing to complain
  36. Tear up yen after former loss of currency
  37. Do — but not does?
  38. Country regularly dismissed Freud, really
  39. Subtraction operation applied to column
  40. Turned to assist staff with spike of ice
  41. Is it one 100,000th of a dollar for this girl?
  42. In retrospect, reveals cuts a long way down
  43. Prosecute urgent matter with exchange at meeting being better
  44. Turn over Norse hero
  45. The Times keeping cool about confused situation
  46. Uncooked food is sent back, when the fellow tucks in
  47. Suitable mate with right air
  48. What keeps son repeating secret?
  49. Arrange to move up lake above northern delta that's often flooded
  50. Poultryman fails badly with rising costs and low investment
  51. Liberate at no cost
  52. City, you said very softly, sadly going backwards
  53. Played along for start of toccata — sitting here?
  54. Changing one's mind for the better?
  55. Drier river crossed by the bank nearest to us
  56. Tries desperately to get into deprived seat
  57. Goodness or, conversely, bad behaviour includes one's initial deterioration
  58. Devout Jew is able to prove who he is
  59. Title's six seconds matter
  60. "Putting on airs!”, I pompously interjected, making comeback with a nasal tone
  61. What unequipped traveller has, up in African country
  62. Selection of fare at steakhouse?
  63. Strip art going down quickly?
  64. Basically accompany America's top couple, hosted by their second-in-command
  65. Antagonism to PC joining the wrong party?
  66. Heard why competitors, losing the lead, give in
  67. Commend article on reverse of double pages
  68. Lady is twice affected by this kidney treatment
  69. Party during peak — for the most part people believe them
  70. Order half of card-carrying actors to enter staged scene
  71. Almost defeat this person in board game
  72. Never completed, certainly luxurious, more than needed
  73. Show gun use is heartless
  74. Habits of a Utopian
  75. Instructional film for union of gold-diggers?
  76. Words to live by? Hardly!
  77. Reinforcement for low-level digital protection
  78. Pal, very excited, loves chat in foreign language
  79. Exposed to risk, facing future tooth decay?
  80. Cover placed around good books? One's revolting
  81. Proposes changing king and tyrant
  82. Small beer made water-resistant?
  83. Basis for web pages, hardly contentless, with forward extension
  84. Doctor to go for the French meat
  85. Parking in a side street, nearly managed to get free of traffic
  86. Bang up smart vehicle, dilapidated one absorbing energy
  87. Involvement of Marco and Ben?
  88. Face feverish Cockney in debate
  89. You've always selectively looked through coloured section
  90. Breathe aloud, whenever retreating in fantasy