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17-October-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. State of indecision is Democrat fault
  2. Online comments criticise engaging staff for game
  3. Goat, perhaps, caught up in meadow plant
  4. Sign showing where Barbie's affections go?
  5. A second copy — experts initially make attribution
  6. Casual greeting to Royal Marines on one steam ship
  7. One cared for obsessive
  8. Widespread drug consumption one's seen in parlour
  9. Weapon, right for unknown minor noble
  10. Old coin in wetland, north in gorge
  11. Effect of exposure turning to such hue of tan?
  12. Backing note about Leningrad formerly removing leader
  13. E.g. pen's tip of steel lacking in colour
  14. Former treasurer to provide football stadium
  15. Distributed coca to broad in novel of poor Americans
  16. Return of stupid arithmetician, say, in warm period
  17. Sins go after getting renewed spiritual knowledge
  18. School banning son about boy offering harmful substance?
  19. Miscues the shot, finding the score
  20. What wave power generates shortly found in Bloemfontein?
  21. Fixing equipment on board
  22. Conclusion of Hamlet?
  23. Spiny anteater concealed in tangled cane
  24. A loose woman in the family
  25. Venerable chap in English society is quite well-balanced?
  26. Sweet food getting left — it's really good
  27. Constant atmosphere round capital
  28. Most impressive crack I found in waterproof coat
  29. Physicist's bilingual parents going in different directions
  30. Calico, plain, regularly used for dressing
  31. Brilliant device Liberal European Democrat may be confused with?
  32. Extremely worrying when some fine house gets stripped
  33. Proud parent back home with award
  34. Book about one double-cross for Smiley?
  35. Florida invaded by European parasite
  36. Carry on Sergeant perhaps currently showing
  37. Obscenity is old hat, unfortunately
  38. Improve image of soldiers on move
  39. Fool includes a parliamentarian in satirical attack
  40. Precious stone and silver bolted down?
  41. Illicit trader in Merseyside town cell backing resistance
  42. Shocking cost with current fashion again
  43. Royal put on proper coat
  44. What's eaten until turning rank
  45. Card game
  46. Cautious driver and passengers keeping safe, ultimately
  47. Like item in restaurant with a fabric covering design
  48. Some Hellespont hero, pessimistic and near defeat
  49. I'm leaving mum's fishy foodstuff
  50. Broody hen at home getting youngster area to run
  51. Dish with starters of kimchi in noodle soup
  52. Looking embarrassed, abandon West Midlands town
  53. Credit one number with style for female garment
  54. After a key game, pint emptied lustily and rapidly
  55. Readily opt to change cosmetic lotion?
  56. City guides on audio
  57. Cover popular musician's sound
  58. Port has its fans — I must be the latest to be included among those
  59. Absence of large figure from small building society head?
  60. Yorkshire runner catching golf drive
  61. Introductory letters end articles? That's wrong
  62. Follow nurse Susan
  63. Financial record of our client going astray
  64. Fabric is one easily taken in by Sibyl, perhaps
  65. Too much is coverable without following fine English
  66. Catholic chosen to save canon's face, I see
  67. Caught a sailor locked up in lax jail
  68. Letter from abroad with a lot of acidity
  69. Expensive importing French article? One might find it so
  70. Perhaps Crusoe's reason for putting nothing on?
  71. Unqualified yob wearing hot pants on the way out
  72. Stick around restaurant by large lake and mountain
  73. Lower number Swiss canton cast off starved
  74. Examine volunteers injected with last bad blood
  75. Bunk, not a single one, in which briefly to dispatch son
  76. Right means of escape in retreat
  77. Crooked person, one ending in slammer?
  78. Parisian inn needs time accepting taxi firm
  79. Gently featured in detective fiction, a dagger
  80. Tots on either side of net in playing this?
  81. Feeling section of opera perhaps must cut slab
  82. Time of difficulty, not leading pair to find goddess
  83. Adorn rice — needs to be chopped herb
  84. Series creator coming up with some Wiccan obi fantasy
  85. Traps fish in the drink
  86. Rum solo or old dark sherry
  87. Seen insulin regularly used for tiredness
  88. Newspaper interrupting key web operation by police