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19-November-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Low voice, alien for hound
  2. One has such a car? It brings ruin!
  3. Big picture: someone childless is neither a ____
  4. Endless danger? Gosh — it's where something is as close as possible!
  5. Piece of furniture is tops in school of fine art
  6. I turned out to be devoid of proven ability
  7. Advance booking in doubt
  8. Innocuous, not at all alluring but not cold
  9. Hasten to border, finally changing direction
  10. House that has a Victorian pavilion
  11. Perhaps Busby and Queen are important
  12. Fungus in ground you reported
  13. Hasty author
  14. Report of e.g. copper's courage
  15. Feel bad about Parisian street
  16. Gospel writer is one suitable for swindling
  17. Join in urgent message to expose pathetic people
  18. Leave small portion around to dine on
  19. Member's movement perhaps supporting country
  20. Prize public house within ancient city
  21. Papa not polite and nice, not one for discretion
  22. One half of sermon getting into goodness and suffering
  23. Looked again at study needing to get tidied up
  24. Snarl up net that has twisted corner
  25. Revived or new form of green energy getting assessed
  26. Second promise to produce weapon
  27. One who criticises son, getting less affectionate
  28. This writer's in stupid short trousers
  29. Caught husband aboard earlier boat
  30. Part of collection put back in small room
  31. Canoe extracted by archaeologist?
  32. For example limiting iron temperature gives freedom from danger
  33. Blooming lovely is that bit of fighter's kit!
  34. Gossip, having poured out our drink
  35. Mix juice and yellow colouring
  36. What would be found in alphabet hitherto
  37. No one getting cross, rolling round? I sure don't react!
  38. Spoken for, Val needing no introductions
  39. Worked in a forest and made slow plodding progress?
  40. Always giving a positive response
  41. Male worker criticises mischievous females
  42. Staff turn tropical fruit
  43. Work up to time without good health
  44. Vice around university? Say not a word
  45. Unhealthy announcement of further offer
  46. The old man meeting unhappy woman in US city
  47. Recall top couples in Melton Mowbray and Rydal
  48. Poker-faced cleric hugging a daughter quietly
  49. Disorderly punk at booze a lot
  50. Revolutionary army returning to wreck
  51. Everything in French, one current poem
  52. Way factory gives reason for stop-go procedure
  53. Occasion to forget married bond
  54. Act like any would, when just starting out
  55. Pleased with good boy
  56. Religious writings penned by wise man, an English poet
  57. Maybe to vape is popular and healthy
  58. Like some music of Queen in recording