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2-December-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Horribly under the weather, heads off to various places
  2. Need disheartened reggae singers on the radio
  3. A rest home dished up food British wouldn't want?
  4. Little female along with old maiden in group of enthusiasts
  5. A grave message?
  6. Talking about the stars has reputation diminishing
  7. Wander in street with just a bit of light
  8. Europeans succeeded, interrupting public school types
  9. Drink quite a large shot
  10. Frolics happily, given drink aboard ship
  11. An aspect of pronunciation bringing trouble
  12. Rather agitated, holding live element
  13. Ape an archbishop?
  14. Old tongue preserved in gelatine
  15. Monk's office, earlier his extraordinary source of power
  16. Leave boy with daughter, hiding in the grass
  17. Dry outside facility providing meal service
  18. Instrument from old motor in top of aeroplane
  19. Military group drops unknown flotation device
  20. As a despot I sin, somehow showing no emotion
  21. Fashionable fellow to carry stuffed toy
  22. What you must do before you expire?
  23. Wise person, briefly, to sink
  24. Rivers surround highest part of Edinburgh: Arthur's seat
  25. Take me up and away from crazy region in the Middle East
  26. One has lost a member
  27. Wood and minerals wrapped in newspaper
  28. Tribe besieging city produces trumpet
  29. German forces arrange the march west
  30. Reds are disturbing folk at university
  31. Soldiers coming on to extended area pull back
  32. Coward exploits short operation
  33. Unmarried lady to celebrate wildly, snaring husband
  34. One may remove coat
  35. Sneers set somehow to lead to an abrupt manner
  36. City starts to construct an international relations office
  37. Modern musician's cover in the auditorium
  38. Reprobate is the reverse of holy, right?
  39. Fascinated by dapper new criminal
  40. Hospital department initially restricting your access
  41. Saying little, ultimately, when chased by farm animals
  42. Composure shown by model again
  43. Take papa off sugary sweet medicine
  44. Irritation of King George, trapped by succession
  45. Powerful male, 80, with energy draining
  46. Look around park on initially chilly evening
  47. Like The Woman in White
  48. Conservative madman fights to see liberal speakers
  49. Part of Switzerland shortly offering a bt of poetry
  50. Pantomime boy involved in a racket
  51. Artwork, huge, lacking centrepiece: pass over that
  52. Something spicy about sweetheart