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20-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Journalists in tea-shop occasionally drink
  2. Drunken snob with no taste devours a simple meal
  3. Planes flying somewhere in Italy
  4. Changing pants idea is so cool
  5. Set to reach maturity, needing to shed weight
  6. Dry skin from here one might take off
  7. Some scared lads up a tree
  8. Sally ready to embrace East German
  9. Better writing from woman husband shunned
  10. Be, for the most part, extremely ill-disposed and very cross
  11. MC: I dare say it represented the end of the war
  12. Sweetener when wise man loses head over rotten meat
  13. Desperate need to put a Bible in the post
  14. Mammal's lair covered with rubbish
  15. Remarkable reason you can't book a restaurant?
  16. Plea for short dash to provide medical help
  17. Laughing Stalin set about military leaders
  18. Disreputable lawyer, retiring and mostly stern
  19. Important final pieces of tape disguised how paintwork may be vandalised
  20. Old European to sing about good in humans
  21. Coin in large pot
  22. Troublemaker tries, stupidly, to protect gutless rioter
  23. Comeback from a Republican claiming "fake news”
  24. Former Kent player always up to conserve energy
  25. Start in earnest to embrace foreign food
  26. Strange tales about firm that once flavoured beer
  27. One taking to a certain party, say booze
  28. Railway out of extremely pleasant place with canals
  29. Runner at last conquers Karakoram peak
  30. After the last of chips are almost finished, eat fish
  31. Protein excess ends in muscle expansion
  32. Eternal fool to accept point by setter?
  33. Weird artist associated with opera in China
  34. Provide funds for hunting in retreat
  35. Decrease in expected wind level
  36. Horse to follow flawlessly finding way through?
  37. American friend turns up with excellent port
  38. County name from French and German?
  39. Persistent nuisance lucky to avoid fine
  40. Fancied slogan for subversive reporter?
  41. Wandering around, detective wears no protective clothing
  42. Show Mal bizarre scientific theory
  43. Homer's initial appears in irrational letter to Greeks
  44. Painter needing one paper getting another on first
  45. Showing excellent vision, Tokyo won this Olympic bid
  46. Paint Raymond keeps something for pending tasks
  47. Kid has repaired one African garment
  48. Produced note before the signal to stop
  49. Writer entering big public competitions
  50. Warning: she may lead you astray
  51. Physician in box carried by massive animals
  52. Trailer parking right alongside edge of rifle range