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20-July-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Get round a wide knight
  2. Refrain regarding death of family dog or cat?
  3. Scour the undergrowth
  4. Career not over for northerner
  5. Great Dane running around place for outdoor refreshments
  6. Smoke? Brave man, in bed
  7. Was a thespian in charge of teaching
  8. Regret accepting equal income
  9. What stops oil temperature being in mind — partly fool in vehicle
  10. Mark's short memo on church
  11. Sack of medicine with a covering of gauze
  12. French refusal to accept an east European as their ruler
  13. Cancel binding a yearbook
  14. Bad rum drunk around Eastern island group
  15. Spare money cut by husband
  16. What hands can give produce up
  17. Taunt about healthy tradesman
  18. Dubbing grand knight I knight, say, in retrospect
  19. Chap filled with need to slander
  20. Selection of fruit that's not been started
  21. Fool holding a head of balloon animal
  22. Delighted vegetable fed me
  23. Unfortunate panic had imposed disadvantage
  24. Bears dreadful weapon
  25. Brides mistakenly refuse
  26. What could protect trainer round very wild horse with energy
  27. Instant game, crazy and played without singing
  28. Fund a couple of aerial manoeuvres
  29. Midway during school time one's in English period
  30. Form of writing regularly seen in Shanghai
  31. Actor chooses to conceal lamp
  32. Consent to remove a church in the country
  33. Legacy reached maturity around middle of term
  34. Dark lake flanked by group of soldiers
  35. Habitual response about acceptable in public school language once
  36. Bottle for perfume that's disgusting, we hear
  37. Some liquid surrounds English ship
  38. Where one who's in stands to gain
  39. Show off extremely faithful relative
  40. Reportedly understands patient man's operation
  41. Slate business degree cutting that worked
  42. Liquor I found in upside-down sports gear
  43. Nocturnal creature in tavern, currently with last of cocktail
  44. Referee in place with fighting turning bad
  45. Speak volubly in English very loudly to get through
  46. Belgrade nun spinning modern folktale
  47. Survey regularly received in post is something shown to inform
  48. From nowhere, oxen roaming around island hill endlessly
  49. Be a touch disturbed following Yankee? Absolutely!
  50. Trace of some white chocolate
  51. Punishment not unknown in Cornish town
  52. One might push the boat out and bet stake
  53. A good look at French engineer's broadcast