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20-November-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. They're hit in a mine on the way up, Mike admitted
  2. Unwanted Parisian withdraws after this writer's brought in
  3. Unthinking reaction to tap in surgery?
  4. Fuss by patient initially needing support in ward
  5. Vehicle a worry, mostly
  6. Coins, almost one pound, for writer
  7. Send first of trainees in to clean each plant
  8. Permitted line very bad
  9. Jogger perhaps stirring below
  10. Dump commander's jacket in boat
  11. Kicked the bucket, these sticking out of mouth
  12. Sham medicine put old boy back
  13. Gunners fiddle short course
  14. Dancer following in the steps of Armstrong?
  15. Last chairman sacked for fraud
  16. Emergency credit is doubled
  17. Leader of party's lax about closure of remote office
  18. Come to a funeral party
  19. Back minister supported by Irish
  20. Rake around front of garden, unpleasant piece of work?
  21. Flashy, like the air force?
  22. Drunk nearly crosses border, creating rumpus
  23. African fetish contains its defence system
  24. Nancy misses damselfly in pickle
  25. Free choice moving tabernacle round church
  26. Bashed car, American one on motorway
  27. Make red curtain to separate eastern doctors
  28. Mug Times sent into closed prison
  29. Absence of credit bringing reprimand
  30. Bar measure? Ring officer about it going up
  31. Service pack's a bit awkward during Mass
  32. You are to leave with dispatch, taking it easy
  33. Silently indicated wide road leading to sea
  34. Flier finished crossing river
  35. Work hard in attempt to win this?
  36. Thinker's uncommon zest during recess
  37. Feeling ecstasy, joining movement
  38. Former Soviet managed to seize one on American ship
  39. Test player is beginning to enjoy acclaim
  40. One can count on learning this at school
  41. Quarrel: it turns very loud
  42. Pass round container for viewer
  43. Anodyne article appears in Queen
  44. Strong feeling, occasionally fierce
  45. Sweeney Todd work, contentious musical, censored
  46. A firm universal glue reduced soundproofing?
  47. A large tree or small plant
  48. Novelist on line leaves
  49. The Vatican's one English hub accommodates 150
  50. Terrible weather greets Mike behind rocky peak
  51. Note arrangement of scenic base for some geology, say
  52. Puffed up Dublin parliamentarian adopts superior note
  53. Current appearance by second side impressing manager finally
  54. Start of last month turning very chilly