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  1. Mineral popular in Oman's capital, as it happens
  2. Turn up, dropping round initially for church record store
  3. Device to get one sitting up?
  4. Eg Hammerstein's very large limousine
  5. Raucous cry of a member of parliament?
  6. Diving bird's culpability, eating most of fruit
  7. One at home in Madrid perhaps — and Paris, surprisingly
  8. Light shows a northern bird by lake
  9. Little bird caught by peasant after severe upset
  10. A year on river somewhere in Scotland
  11. English maiden full of energy is showing obsession with self maybe
  12. Army musician, possibly, with sergeant-major in bar
  13. Food component gives excess energy to any number
  14. Sing melody badly apart from introduction
  15. White mineral artist found in chest
  16. British sailors gathering round African tree
  17. Force acceptance of what motorist must do after work?
  18. Short song a girl's written about an alien
  19. Old man holding sound-enhancing device — a character!
  20. Charm with which a religious dissertation is read out
  21. Paying the bill for colony?
  22. Weaken resistance of son frequently before beak
  23. Noted assertion of right accepted by fab duke
  24. Breaking cups, restless female artists
  25. Men not beginning to attempt record
  26. Stuff wrapped round last of wholesome dairy product
  27. Deepen colour of chest in study
  28. Go miles travelling around French city
  29. Rowdy lout initially stabbing poet with little hesitation
  30. Ruth's mother-in-law's current grumble going north
  31. Means of identification of crop, we hear, more affected by cold?
  32. Advance ideas of newspapers mostly about fertilisation
  33. Blessedness of bishop with key position, so to speak
  34. Brilliant colour displayed by vehicle left in group
  35. Came about supporting husband dismissed from the plant
  36. Degenerative state of Venetian magistrate keeping volunteer army once
  37. Musician's original duet played with softened tone
  38. Unlimited load of French ship entering Black Sea Port
  39. Greek character was first to turn up with word of gratitude
  40. What this time without water ultimately brings ?
  41. Like one part of speech attorney recalled, insignificant
  42. Try one's manipulative procedure in the theatre
  43. Stuff in good meat — good for starter
  44. Quiet place associated with one of Henry's wives — it's ideal
  45. Picture the writer's opposed to, enormously at first
  46. Customers not exactly silent when screwed
  47. Is representative of pietism so troubled about source of evil?
  48. Famous clown taking a drink
  49. Shrub Conservative woman planted across lake
  50. Friend getting millions — a reward for sporting achievement?
  51. A lot of water? Spot is heard
  52. New decanter full of sugary fluid
  53. Novel a Moravian nun originally absorbed happily at sea?
  54. Means of transport for schools