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22-February-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. One whose time is done in City, working with cross to bear
  2. Sash originally bought in old India
  3. Data coming back relating to an Ulster region
  4. Economist with German husband supporting second president
  5. Gave vent to anger in commercial
  6. Fox should cover conflict once in progress
  7. Malicious trick takes in hospital for now
  8. Royal seen among tree ferns ordered snack
  9. Thus American spies left an informal gathering
  10. Meat pie, served with coffee, sent back, looking anaemic
  11. Empire once so small and insubstantial to overturn
  12. Complete set of books kept in European republic
  13. Very naughty boy outside a court, having arrived with large beast
  14. Woman identified in ghastly diatribe
  15. Goat denied grain comes to island
  16. Study Latin at first and make money
  17. Plot involving a legendary archer's sidekick
  18. Direction Strehler originally provided in Aston theatre adaptation?
  19. Stick one's nose in, hearing gong?
  20. Alter the last word at end of screed
  21. He painted bishop with bad back gulping too much cold water
  22. Exercise machine reforming team drill
  23. Mellow sound made by farm animal in south
  24. Snooker break is met with difficulty in the end
  25. Home help sent up country
  26. Mountaineer forks out pounds for a term at Oxford
  27. Sudden blast son's taken in belly
  28. Artillery regiment with gun elevated in routine
  29. Italian physicist taking brandy on island
  30. Combine with two sailors in an investment producing capital
  31. Hints from close friends
  32. Broadcast game, behold, in US state
  33. Start to accept fish in sea abroad seem diseased?
  34. Weep over pint in church cellar
  35. Some colliers are buried
  36. Early settler finally relaxed and fished
  37. Bird's nest is one being very high
  38. March exhibition
  39. Abhorrent ruling to imprison reversed before magistrates
  40. Encountered leaders in Middle Eastern territory
  41. Levelling out late in the day
  42. Shilling taken from chest with another in economic cycle
  43. Woman breaks record, being the worse for wear
  44. Aussie native's short word for male fowl
  45. Bottomless river associated with Parana's source
  46. Bar coated with the right solvent
  47. Disputed claim initially about balls bowled in test
  48. Shoot the breeze with blonde in attempt to manipulate
  49. Mineral source almost disappeared from Pacific state
  50. Signaller's device weighing practically nothing?
  51. Old provincial governor finally senses an ambush
  52. Trio snatching at Scots hooligan were menacing