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  1. Worker evoking Arden era to some extent
  2. Month in travelling circus ok for loud entertainment?
  3. On return, deduces pounds must go inside, hidden
  4. English name, actor, regularly referring to repeat performance
  5. From trailer's picked up dresser of wood
  6. Type article out of disgust?
  7. Flier from prior age, nicer somehow
  8. Bladder's thus situated in calf
  9. Something that dissolves, once mixed with tea
  10. Postpone sentence of agent brought to Rhode Island day before
  11. Taking for a ride that leaves one back at same ferry port?
  12. What an expert knows related in special paper
  13. Clubs do like the odd person to bring fruit
  14. Cry about river squabble
  15. Circuiteer in places that are even more distant
  16. Dish from the French, outwardly more Italian
  17. Sparkle in castle lit for a change
  18. Press learning of mischief?
  19. Liverpool's two sides are so evenly matched?
  20. Laugh loudly — quite a fit!
  21. At start have every relevant enactment before you as result of this
  22. Claim everything, say, and concede in the end
  23. Revealing article about state of Raleigh's carelessness
  24. Opportunist in part of church changing direction
  25. Been at march, lively? Wait here perhaps
  26. Got to fly: inspector's outside at the front!
  27. Maybe criminal group fights here
  28. Cross about North Carolina following rules? That's unthinking
  29. Bracketing together of dads perhaps by one: both evil and good
  30. French article, popular monk's garment, editor finds lifeless?
  31. Scout in park descending on church
  32. Clement largely in December, after vacation turning unsettled
  33. Hit something inside your shoe?
  34. Burst of French welcome — that is, when meeting English
  35. Distinctive sound coming from pub, I note
  36. Within planet, unearthly melody
  37. Very little to go on, ultimately, in adolescent years
  38. Fancy paper's used with skill on small items for repair
  39. Criticise book that's eclipsed the writer's play
  40. Delayed because of wet, we hear
  41. State of muesli ingredients maybe served up without starters
  42. Ditch, the largest, is jumped initially the wrong way
  43. The solver's counting on the setter, indeed!
  44. Part of play I have shortened, being busy
  45. Delight of good sheltered place
  46. Large leaks from tanks affected people
  47. At home, hence girl included in bequest
  48. Gradually stop using taphouse after review
  49. Totalled a large amount
  50. Dog, company ultimately for soldier