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22-May-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. After refreshment, writing sides
  2. Second refusal by old college to provide game
  3. In recital, poet is a striking performer
  4. Took heart from freebie given to European political party
  5. Serious work of German, oddly receiving smuggled drug
  6. Link jam, surprisingly, with starter of unappealing spam
  7. Dilapidated slum door, something beaten alone
  8. Big guns in article, Times story
  9. It's Parisian imprisoning a soldier most guarded
  10. Greeting school quintet
  11. Price of firm's time
  12. Wave, one that may be crashing?
  13. Top expert on board?
  14. Royal Artillery's turned up in dark to surrender weapons
  15. Call round
  16. Place false statement before head of university
  17. Experience became hard in two different ways
  18. Upright, not upper class, old expert musician
  19. Woke in seaside resort, topless
  20. Notice I alter bad swimming pool equipment
  21. Fleeing from concoction of methanol
  22. Fantastic fruit, a good deal from Florida, say
  23. Cheers up in bedroom, regularly a source of inspiration
  24. Fruit revealed by lifting nail gun
  25. Many suffering shocks, and nothing that amazes me, in theatre work
  26. People giving up, heading from our IQ test, confused
  27. Passages in street on dry island
  28. Gradually develop passion for climbing: very English!
  29. Point in shock, impressive food course having no end
  30. Fish around lake, being at a loose end
  31. Sign for esoteric sectarian
  32. Yell, losing head, producing blade
  33. Dash put in pastureland
  34. In Cyprus, settlers find apple
  35. Gems editor's penning lamer after revision
  36. Cryptic clue I see and explain
  37. Book's editions
  38. Supported — or retreated?
  39. Live at home, outside evacuated regional capital
  40. Movement follows opening of fat camp
  41. Sake? This can make you most unsteady!
  42. Moorland needs cultivated borders covered
  43. Flesh mostly to freeze in tight corset
  44. Test art works, little pieces
  45. Write off note kid returned
  46. My French diary recalled an Asian nomad
  47. Misfortune braved, admits leader of nouvelle vague
  48. Girl who's a boy after Channel crossing?
  49. Heads for America — Palm Springs — enjoying recess
  50. Awkward bachelor said to drink some liquor
  51. Right about America's corrosive influence
  52. Person inside ruffled lace mask
  53. Go after sex appeal in heavenly body