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23-February-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Where Queen may entertain government or set up Order of Merit
  2. One line crossed by old farmers, tough old birds
  3. Extensive notes showing how much policemen are indebted?
  4. Mercenary ruing he'd fired
  5. Letter of thanks after getting shown the way up
  6. Sport's over: fits horribly and dies
  7. Finish getting runs in place for batsman
  8. Risk a car crash, when two metals collide?
  9. Author prepared to admit claim to be of high standard?
  10. Son has sexy photograph
  11. Bird made of silver unwanted at first in auction
  12. Ground where reptile doesn't keep quiet
  13. Safeguard two companies working
  14. Publicise, year upon year, entertainment of a delicate nature
  15. Maid watchful when old bachelor goes missing
  16. People following rich individual coming in today, moving fast
  17. Walk street and go from side to side
  18. Tours regularly around Naples, originally coming from Florence?
  19. Team of lawyers in literary county
  20. What's in creel? Very small fish
  21. Caught beyond fielding position
  22. Hotels cover the earth profusely
  23. Spot calcium used in cosmetic cream
  24. What help one get a grip resolving perils
  25. Left gold for respected poet
  26. Stomach feeble returning musical phrase
  27. Ground patrols round a country
  28. Fabric cut: it is seen in a soft glow
  29. Share out a fee for passage on the way back
  30. Cold store for wine with a hidden compartment
  31. Crufts regularly allowed meat on the bone
  32. Isn't an awfully short time? It is
  33. Tart and custard isn't desirable in courses — just starters
  34. Against coins not using English metal? Sort of
  35. Solid surface, one on a nut
  36. Conservative shock with chap meeting leader
  37. Part of body shape swollen by organ
  38. Employer turned up yours truly's CV
  39. Former print media, say
  40. Ring America after the peak
  41. Engine's temperature fell all round
  42. Just book early for a change
  43. One on a dash, nothing to prevent covering over a mile
  44. Carry out a couple of poles to plant in piece of land
  45. Prosperity supplies a barrier to restrict disease
  46. Your setter has a completely confident step
  47. Give a long involved story
  48. Say, a call in court is rejected by union instruction
  49. A taxi passenger's last to be dropped some way away
  50. Queen carried in pretentiously refined vessel
  51. Theatre operative attaching end of arm to leg
  52. In American city, possesses capital
  53. Mostly disagree about us lacking concentration
  54. A niqab is said to be useful
  55. Writing on the wall round gents
  56. Complain pathetically about idiot revelry