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24-May-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Client is against a girl returning
  2. Point about unique selling point
  3. Somewhere to hide from awfully scary aunt
  4. Accepted standard of most of section
  5. Namely this, metamorphic?
  6. Small donkey runs: one's puffing?
  7. Leave out Bard's title role when mounted in reduced form?
  8. Upset about boy: one that smells?
  9. Prudent to pursue universal employment
  10. Striking unconscious
  11. Add up pennies spent finally: you love us to be extravagant
  12. What can grip bridge supports both sides of line
  13. Anticyclone arrives in Scots region
  14. In winter I meditate for the time being
  15. Discovers fool is going around without a doubt
  16. Dog bound to be supported by queen
  17. People of a similar age in one great movement
  18. See you master lingo finally ready for Italy?
  19. Small child not drinking, eating nothing
  20. Front runners in shock photo finish paying out
  21. Run-up to the weekend finishes in intimacy
  22. Assents in reforming offensive nature
  23. Iberia's fare is covered by plane width, place of origin and hirer out mostly
  24. Almost convinced about old tart
  25. Church follows New Testament about Old Nick
  26. In note, mistake saints for violent criminals
  27. Baseball fielder and items he wears when running?
  28. Plot after papa gets fresh Covid variant sans name in lab exposure?
  29. Bands having bunk on board steamship
  30. Peak adding singular note to hat
  31. Claim during trial about English Republican
  32. Trouble one is going to
  33. As good as a mile out?
  34. Drug check protecting friendly community and its environment
  35. Neckwear brightly coloured like a wedding cake?
  36. Make bigger penny loaf: regret missing odd bits
  37. Broadcast now so faint
  38. Something valuable chap extracted from beet
  39. Entice to remove head — one head — resulting in vacancy
  40. I'm possibly 50cc, two wheels — try me!
  41. Carved figure from galley regularly about years after long-dead ship
  42. Celebrities: one missing from flight
  43. Concertgoer taking in good artist, one who shapes concert
  44. Ark refitted with cool rowing accessory
  45. Our father's around when work's finished
  46. Card box for footwear
  47. Lift beams when speaking
  48. Fruit began going off in truck
  49. Put up with song ultimately written like Bartók
  50. Understand gangster's outside with poisonous snake
  51. Tsar shot certainly in error
  52. Sharpness about tungsten guitar string's sound
  53. Mathematician coming round to teaching
  54. Oxford college as alternative that is left