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29-June-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Cautious passage around river
  2. Grandma set to retire somewhere in NW France
  3. Jack's approval, quietly overlooked
  4. Family company in GB meeting artist, a slithery creature
  5. Reread EP Thompson? Some of it's brilliant
  6. Pretend leather
  7. Ducks outside range freely, finding something smelling nice
  8. Fearful, Stefan regularly avoided Oriental waters
  9. Atlas so useless, leaving one perplexed
  10. Father's outside toilet, a levelled area
  11. Brainy brother drinking rye? The opposite
  12. Fifteen minutes to gain control over military officer
  13. Dog on the tracks? It's mine
  14. Expenditure revealed by non-professional
  15. Letter has half of them worried in recession
  16. Wait, as groom may have to do?
  17. Daughter, with rodent moving around, walked on
  18. A guard holding case of ammunition up
  19. Cop, second one in Paris Match
  20. Alcoholic drink's trademark unknown
  21. One always fuming Brit looms nastily
  22. Anger in local leading to assault
  23. Exposing evil action of a referee?
  24. Coach tour arranged around Turkey's capital
  25. Altercation had by society girl
  26. Model prisoner first of those getting out of nick
  27. Heard local sound of sheep
  28. Private documents one returned to Charlie
  29. Complaint of students backing coup
  30. Key informant is free
  31. Asian and Greek character cutting through metal
  32. Italian sculptor to give to charity fifty pound ring
  33. What dog may do to welcome garden visitor?
  34. Star guest primarily vocalised
  35. Swap tips on highly charged little Dickensian?
  36. Knife European left on part of loaf
  37. Leader of armed mob almost seizing city in battle
  38. Troublemaker the Spanish urge forward
  39. Solitary Europeans possessing authority
  40. Association of actors depart during emergency externally
  41. Acts as guide abroad, they say
  42. Killing earl's thug arranged
  43. Shorten overly remote war film
  44. Attempt to seduce? One might with item from Ann Summers?
  45. Rebellion? Reluctantly at first I reveal all
  46. Old pair of females absent
  47. Revolutionary source of light, son cries
  48. Fat man I married needs new top
  49. Personal vessel among smarter yachts
  50. Write to head of MI6 about betrayer
  51. The horror of one's experience under duke
  52. Leaving old city, fever becomes mild
  53. Insect on soft cheese for a short time
  54. Some light, flat-bodied fish
  55. Study agreements society put forward
  56. Companion, a pilot, chewed a sausage