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3-August-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Selection of food — continuous talk about pounds
  2. British Power introducing complete copper plant
  3. Prohibition — where can you get a drink?
  4. Drugs confused the man — is it a sin?
  5. Everton's first opening game?
  6. Smart fellow in Zurich maybe sounding drunk
  7. Fawlty in charge of a building in Rome
  8. What's finally making a Parisian shoot criminal
  9. Gloomy person cut hair
  10. Improve control over prisoner, substantial troublemaker
  11. Weight's never going over
  12. Popular book seized by detectives returning
  13. Musician in state of nervousness, losing heart
  14. Name fellows with money, having nothing to hide
  15. Abbot's deputy with previous conviction
  16. Notice heads up
  17. Mother swan's wet
  18. I love embracing individual that is exponent of the absurd
  19. More severe old author reading perhaps?
  20. Ruler's uncontrolled anger beheaded men
  21. The one or the other unit covered in solvent
  22. Port badly affects the female there — one getting drunk
  23. Hurried departure of heartless idiot going by land
  24. Praise a key speech
  25. An attack of illness is concerning
  26. Right idiots in court, most devoid of sense
  27. Two characters said to be very good
  28. Sue creeps out all over the place
  29. Parental guidance needed about current nature of Peppa
  30. Group of stars runs into Spanish port
  31. Aids in RE course? Wrong — they are used in maths classes
  32. Tory going down as offensively patronising
  33. Using words endlessly, politicians in places of worship
  34. Charge of cab not going all the way
  35. A little woman, Irish, knocked back the drink
  36. Fix mother part in long rambling story
  37. Revolutionary Cuba hides one very old camp
  38. Three score and ten sides out for a sporting occasion
  39. One of the sides at Old Trafford?
  40. Do an impression of one friend with grasp of Italian
  41. A party in difficulty
  42. Summary of archaeological event on northern half of property
  43. Best prepare for exam about English
  44. Figure about to move into criminal haunt
  45. Friend in the country
  46. Fail to win in record lap in local relay
  47. Weapon has Mark stifle expression of self-importance
  48. Poor, upset, frequently confined, in a situation for shouting?
  49. Put one's foot down hard over European charge
  50. Minimum as written into lease
  51. Changes had to limit liquid measure — controlled quantities
  52. Sample latest of exhibits in gallery
  53. Size of crowd entering at Everton needs greatly reducing
  54. 4 x 4 exits badly with men missing motorway
  55. More offered such an ideal situation?
  56. One way to offer mate something edible