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3-December-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. European city, wind consuming one
  2. Thin fabric? Not socially acceptable to stare
  3. Day important for primate
  4. In base, almost halt uproar
  5. Patriotic tune the man composed
  6. Vicar turning irrational, probing apparition in great excitement
  7. You're welcome, never!
  8. Record in writing "London attraction's shut down”?
  9. Drink in vermouth sheepish male served up
  10. Delayed reaction after greatly increased receipts
  11. One that writes about extremely smart café
  12. Diggers loading ship with stuff heading for Estonia
  13. Trade fairs lead to enrichment, a revelation
  14. Am older, bursting to succeed to this?
  15. So come to Eire, maybe — somewhere dull
  16. Strangely, nude art not valued
  17. Catch constituent up
  18. A criminal pursuit, something shady with opening of cocaine lines
  19. Stone, almost identical, that is found on the beach
  20. Feeling of irritation in suit, chafing
  21. Island ways verbalised
  22. Periods in which wandering ant makes no progress
  23. One informally educated managed to do something on vehicle
  24. Funny bone providing gentle stimulation
  25. Introducing gallery, sign marked
  26. Hamlet for one, feeble guy initially that's not taken seriously
  27. Plant in rather isolated situation, initially
  28. Less productive apprentice runs away
  29. Couple I snubbed, one of fifty in the US
  30. Plucky daughter losing part of family?
  31. Covered entrance I start to construct in Iberian city
  32. Gypsies and queens' peculiar style
  33. Ben riding chariot over great lake
  34. Green, not unusual
  35. Lots going in contrary directions
  36. God having some good intentions
  37. Cover conflict, speaking intemperately?
  38. Originally charging ahead, draw game
  39. Potter's letter read out
  40. A lot of lies maybe not being accepted
  41. Admit office-holder is endlessly foul-mouthed
  42. In net, dry rocks
  43. One inquisitive policeman by corpse
  44. Woman, with energy, chasing old cow
  45. Bank surrounds castle defence, say, at a distance
  46. Animal taking a promenade back
  47. Reportedly unattractive flier
  48. Explain delicate manoeuvring about uniform
  49. Is round about? Yes, really
  50. Reference a couple of pages, then conclude with nine
  51. Speculation about everyone dancing
  52. Symbol of power not concerning one cold philosopher
  53. Dream girl heads section
  54. Fashionable attitude, for example
  55. Normal position on a road
  56. Depend on men to support English girl