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  1. Fool left in bed
  2. Telegraph, say, to shorten piece of wire
  3. Wise, perhaps, to release one bird
  4. Assemble notes for broadcast
  5. Cooking fish after commotion in front of guest
  6. Government crackdown can come together in safe area
  7. Cleric entertaining nonconformist leader shot at table
  8. He explains old model has bad clothing
  9. Pens, say, recreated a connection in the mind
  10. Supply help to cynic in college
  11. Hit spy across bum for discipline
  12. Nothing stored in bulk following Arab's call for consideration?
  13. After pastries, drink wine
  14. Revile harmful gas American imported
  15. Salt receptacle returned before ceremony
  16. Anti-regalia, possibly, being against class distinction
  17. International group: evil or promoting happiness?
  18. Weapon, and where it was used around China
  19. Ground, i.e. Regent's Park, given national status
  20. Idler putting away small drink
  21. The writer's heading for Pamplona, taking on the Spanish force
  22. Kid clutching old penny supplying dancers' gear
  23. Desire a bit of sunshine in most of the days of November
  24. Criminal pursued and violently seized
  25. Tramp is some hiker travelling westward
  26. Punctual after number twelve
  27. Cold areas? One cold area turning up here
  28. About to clean up kinky kind of art
  29. Ride boat on ocean wave?
  30. Hotel goes frantic accommodating one's religious disciplines
  31. Prosper — not, say, going backwards
  32. Global song in parts
  33. Former student ingesting one white powder
  34. People here are often told to go to blazes
  35. Scottish style nationalist party
  36. Some balls heading for tennis open
  37. Pitiful debilitating affliction like case of lurgy
  38. I'm supporting exercises, right? Wrong
  39. Eating everything common, regularly with cream
  40. Toppled tyrant ultimately disgraced, beheaded
  41. On stopping working, cake-maker is one announcing results
  42. One throwing a jug
  43. Damage from French wine crossing lip
  44. In the majority, not half unfaithful
  45. A lot of tennis outfits
  46. Back off cow or its mate
  47. Note on area identifying low points
  48. Decree a home's located east of ring road
  49. Convict at last in cell, one not charged
  50. Offensive cackle breaking on street
  51. Inflammation given by which end of shoe?
  52. A solemn proposal brought about love's consummation
  53. Freezing cold in large vehicle
  54. Precise account supported by clergyman
  55. Serving monarch in the resistance?
  56. Making public act of worship, including students
  57. Amount put up to house a grand priest
  58. Due to kill first fly
  59. Increase exercise in places to the west
  60. Desperate horse close
  61. Dropping ecstasy, bad place to be after driving by
  62. Article put behind sailors in drink
  63. Dressing in uniform, look around
  64. After month, old and new mopeds broken down
  65. An effusive talk masking one's pain
  66. A Spartan is to display determination
  67. Pompous leader has tattoo after first month on vessel
  68. Stone on shore is spread widely
  69. A bishop not entirely sharp? These assist with calculations
  70. Explode and utter 'about time!
  71. Writer's party drink with nothing in
  72. Dad bags country house's top fish
  73. Speak with a thug at northerly US city
  74. Asian island language used by programmers
  75. Group captured by Philoctetes
  76. A second court case will liberate one of the stars
  77. Sensible directors gathering in good source of feedback
  78. Scare off car on street allowing no freedom
  79. Animal mutated with truer colouring
  80. A cold redhead in disguise, having many faces
  81. Equipment given to school is trashy stuff
  82. Wine single lady drinks in new decorative glass
  83. About to move round striker in later game
  84. Pen novel, record and throw cards in
  85. Trendy daughter is presented poorly
  86. Sentence from father's wise for a migrant
  87. Resonant scheme supported by man
  88. Producer of iron or slate: container with dial outside
  89. This person blocks a helper off in passing
  90. Person having very little money left
  91. Church provided most of item for baptism — material for gown?
  92. Where drinkers are mostly parking, about to drop litter
  93. Principles I lowered for singers
  94. Feature about pair of Poles in shipping, say
  95. Area of frozen water? Heading away from edge
  96. Woman given lick, one who keeps the peace
  97. Iron put in bar — it's for dummy
  98. Dig in remains of fruit said to bring disease
  99. Militia crazy to jettison leader
  100. Load intercepted by English lieutenant remains in vessel

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