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30-July-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Be specific about sabbatical?
  2. Acting out lies deviously with hand signals?
  3. Trots out to lunch?
  4. National symbol, not that large, wrapped in note
  5. For which very long-term use results ultimately in wear and tear, say
  6. Fellow providing towelling material
  7. Disappointing outcome that must hold little girl back
  8. Racing employee across lake, go direct
  9. Capital hotel: what every pop star wants?
  10. Head off as an animal doctor, crossing river
  11. Flyer found in grate, next to something black
  12. Heading north, go round quite posh Scottish town
  13. Name of man in telephone directory
  14. Managed to curtail row
  15. American can celebrate with an encore
  16. Old lover with trick said to do well
  17. One part of body or another in which gun is deviously hidden
  18. Rock group backed number selected to play new recording?
  19. Little devil wandering around, making progress
  20. Performing on stage with a common plan?
  21. Link we're to follow? There's no time
  22. Form of hostility that never heats up?
  23. Old satirist, easily bribed, going to jail briefly
  24. Witnessed something in the woodshed?
  25. Eggs sent up: not exactly party food
  26. Please get her to translate this minimalist language
  27. World of Don, Adam, Erica, somehow not close to sister
  28. Put up with deed that keeps church quiet
  29. Work your English electrical engineer secures after a month
  30. Method of counting back only partially useful at court
  31. Cheers a tallish monk in, wildly
  32. Sign to precede terrible rain? I may help you find the literature
  33. Traveller left in vessel — set out early
  34. Too keen on profit, barristers generally admitted
  35. Jack and I getting sticks out as shield, united in self-defence
  36. Student, I ne'er worked, being not bothered
  37. Offer made by barman in dramshop eagerly?
  38. Very full of cracks, is jet ok to fly?
  39. Old trade union to celebrate caring profession
  40. Not right when there's sauce for Cockney to go after sandwiches
  41. British actor recalled ladies inside hotel, not outside
  42. Fruit in vessel, a lot getting mixed up
  43. Labelled with year? That's old-fashioned
  44. Schedule one can track after time
  45. Final word in notice that is at front of university
  46. Secret arena newly built to accommodate a hundred
  47. You will get a positive response
  48. Feel being outside on vacation usually means stay at campsite
  49. Apples, pears, etc. cut by half with girl anxious to avoid waste?
  50. Judge comes across cases familiar to Scandinavians?
  51. King meets honoured people in ceremonial garb
  52. City jobs bank has periodically cut
  53. One pal cheesed off said nothing
  54. Climbing holiday at end of term for ancient art master?