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30-June-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Woman in Iowa supporting male offspring
  2. Set aside weapon carried in E-boat?
  3. Tedious routine involving stags in autumn?
  4. Happy to shelter in Europe, perhaps
  5. Modern home for Englishman in city
  6. In the beginning Adam reported temptation as moderate
  7. Your compiler's beyond taking on old painting technique
  8. Period certain to get us enthralled
  9. Ambitious person has trouble with father over time
  10. Finding position, drop airtight container into region at sea
  11. Scottish citizen's misguided gag in Wales
  12. Doctor getting to grips with youth leader's severe pain
  13. Ancient blubber and bone one processed
  14. Century in midday match: result foregone conclusion?
  15. A British composer, one who's on the wagon
  16. Company lacking trade at the outset in recession
  17. That's amazing soldier in Pembroke for example
  18. Smooth chap identifying a European songbird?
  19. Self-destructive character in tale rough-sounding Poles related
  20. Wanting best position in race run round
  21. Doctor reunited with slimmer — problem due to withdrawal
  22. Contempt shown by inspector, attorney caught in wrongdoing
  23. Flag officer supports right one entering service abroad?
  24. Only two revolutionaries brutally killed
  25. Sentimental, recollected losing cat
  26. Teashop vessel used in our neighbourhood
  27. Stranger taking a rest at end of garden
  28. Schoolboy is son missed by Baltic citizen
  29. Very cold, as a vicious dog might be!
  30. Sporting a suit in African republic
  31. Service in French is for an artist
  32. Workers organised to run in short jacket
  33. Teach girl badly, being exceptionally drowsy
  34. Excel as strategist away on common
  35. Work in Greek island European parliament backed
  36. More severe misery to involve vergers in Reims
  37. Make insistent demands on section of media
  38. American visiting courts in EU country
  39. Serving vessel first in cruel sea about to founder
  40. Brew infused with Australian fruit upset writer
  41. Twist organ a bird uses to fly across river
  42. An achievement to restrict luminescence over the moon
  43. Home to fox, fish and one residing here?
  44. Large recess in fireplace, so to speak
  45. Shoot dead leaders in rally at Lusaka
  46. Liberal attending religious place that's closer
  47. Anger about chartered accountant's girl
  48. Locks picked by those experiencing scarcity in Barnet?
  49. Shining helmet worn by copper travelling west
  50. Send down girl who's out of practice in speaking?
  51. Mariner at the end seen in worst French port
  52. Help finish off Italian opera
  53. Central idea in article by this compiler
  54. Popular ship's officer, one serving time, perhaps