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30-November-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Desirable belle's wild about one soldier
  2. Protects latest from mole, controversially — stamping this on document?
  3. Afterlife mostly an upward movement?
  4. Long in the picture
  5. What you'd expect of a non-level playing-field
  6. Sound of Monteverdi, perhaps, not 10CC?
  7. Sail fixed after ambassador's boarded
  8. Small workers' organisation in news story
  9. Times correspondent, initially taken in by evasive type, to do very well
  10. One chap gets up, offering place for old woman
  11. Outrageous location of circus banner?
  12. A number picked up article about serving American
  13. Line occupying edge to edge
  14. Telling stories, very brief, without introduction
  15. Hard cube — and one of its dimensions?
  16. Tester's torn, broken by time
  17. Idle worker without a mahlstick?
  18. Town academies, often disturbed with noise, getting similar treatment
  19. Stop going to bed and peek?
  20. Wild behaviour involving a lot of agitation in part of China
  21. Author of The Railway Children losing time over another writer
  22. Late view of main activity offering only a brief connection
  23. Extravagant time tucking into source of booze?
  24. Frontier station intray won't contain it
  25. Pace picked up, with each occupying certain trenches?
  26. Was head returning from conscious state?
  27. Hair preparation used by hairdresser in secret
  28. NE types roaming here in London?
  29. Evenly-matched situation ahead of game? One's up for the attack?
  30. Integrity? Full assurance requires two characters swapping places
  31. Friend from that time protecting me
  32. Period silver, English, in chests under diamonds
  33. Verse in artistic gathering releasing new attack
  34. Deserving suitor more free to embrace one
  35. A masculine home counties boy gone up north?
  36. Mostly in the dark about copper's position
  37. Alexander's in possession of eight German beach vehicles
  38. A poet penning round on a banker?
  39. City Road swathed in mist after morning
  40. By the way, NASA sent shot round Pluto at first
  41. Like satay Queen's left on one side?
  42. Big concert followed by capers, mostly
  43. German train crashed in start of trial
  44. One novel — about six as one's aim
  45. Some Europeans having day later in South American area
  46. Try to get rid of small bird
  47. French word applied to personal musical style
  48. Source book lacking over rugby player
  49. Outlaw out of order?
  50. Recalled one joining European train
  51. Compiled and misfired, getting confused about a grammatical solecism
  52. Martian mission, very fancy, heading off
  53. What can secure clip joint
  54. Shop entices — deals being outrageous
  55. Synthesised obscure alien enzyme
  56. Taking a position but abandoning street — it's very wet
  57. Getting the better of blatant forgery, handing out fine
  58. Picked up box containing silver bird (small)
  59. Open-plan residence adapted to big modernist
  60. Satisfied after strike brought about a Parisian rampage
  61. A cut of meat, quick
  62. The people vote, beset by hard claims for attention
  63. Quiet name adopted by nameless river
  64. Vastly upset and soundly troubled
  65. Match was recalled as an up-and-down affair
  66. Coach seat initially reserved, occupied by husband
  67. American thinker: this writer elevated individual not wanting power
  68. Decided what flowers to be pressed should be?
  69. Bullfighter cuts a great deal, mostly where stock is kept
  70. Temporary accommodation? Local heading off unsure
  71. Trips? Unconscious after woozy state, we hear
  72. Crowd loves Democrat appearing in subscriber channels
  73. Old woman less dishevelled: she's always looking for a chap?
  74. Shut up shop
  75. Something like cardinal, perhaps, to advance on church
  76. Impassive fathers having suppressed energy, note
  77. Damage following aircraftman's approach
  78. Start up suddenly after vermin appearing in a South Australian city
  79. Bestseller — or a range?
  80. Beginning putting out day's sunshade
  81. Doctor saw no end of torment? Just a little
  82. Not clear about horse boat
  83. Concerned with new climb and gaining fresh energy
  84. Head of information succeeding in capturing account with some uncertainty
  85. Period charm
  86. Test creator admitting to coaching
  87. What's still shocking?
  88. Source of tunes Barnum perhaps used with tumblers?
  89. Party line given by newspaper carried by timid folk in the House?
  90. Disco hit with pro dancing? One specialising in footwork