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31-July-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Type of train exits eastern line
  2. A bad act by one twerp, the ultimate in crazy folly
  3. Seaman, mostly crazy, legendary strong man
  4. Dead old detective backed missile
  5. Catch husband out — is one listening?
  6. Rhythmical lines to convey right sort of literary introduction
  7. Lip in severe pain, bringing medicinal herb
  8. Beastly home with great big fights
  9. Rich cake a part of breakfast or tea
  10. Points to procurator initially exercising large legal restriction
  11. Did some gardening, brick-carrier saving energy
  12. One who may resist a rousing song about US President
  13. Perhaps Martin's partner in sports car is hard to shock
  14. Youngster is quaint on horse, that girl heading off
  15. Perform better than unpopular party
  16. Sort of plant that could be clone — oddity
  17. Chemical compound delivered by needle is nasty
  18. Mountain range also echoes peripherally
  19. Travel around end of garden? One might
  20. Beg Republican entering to hand over money
  21. Ruined home — note where the wind comes in?
  22. Members of police one caught being taken in by bribes?
  23. Sailor briefly in middle of spacious Corsican location
  24. What emerges from enquiry upsets soldier, losing heart
  25. Veronica not well — drug appears
  26. Depart from South American capital, short of oxygen
  27. Free kick is regularly providing natural therapy
  28. We hear innocent creature speak well of parasitic suckers
  29. Band roles reversed
  30. Coach identifying film from 1990s
  31. Immoral woman, no good, making a point
  32. It's 12, with one coming in to get a spicy dish
  33. Top celebrity left one in tears when working
  34. Fundamental part of fabric is absent, on reflection
  35. Pioneer, he worked with originators of military project
  36. After ten attack is broadcast — getting looked into somehow
  37. Calf moving about on bird of prey
  38. Excess froth, the thing around end of pipe
  39. Dismissal is indicated by this angry-looking oddball
  40. Group after 6 trying to secure deal?
  41. Middle Eastern air's affected priest
  42. Attendant serving drink to Queen
  43. Defrost fruit after time
  44. Replace the Tory found out in a shocking procedure
  45. US filmmaker somewhere in New South Wales having fish
  46. Grass is pretty when cut to half length
  47. Amount of data Rab found on Yankee kept by French head
  48. Animal making dash over delta
  49. Support trader bringing out first mechanical component
  50. Shifted tinker up toll road once
  51. Don't start to repair roof? Silly — not part of house to leave open!
  52. Excellent fellow, it's said — should come promptly to 2?
  53. Turn down an opportunity, perhaps, to join again
  54. Pure dairy product British avoided
  55. Got hold of criminal carrying bomb around
  56. Suffer at home with scoundrel